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26-09-2014 10:16
Doomwatch is the best show around

31-05-2014 09:13
Missed you this week.. Happy Birthday Alex for Sunday. you misunderstood my text last week as I meanth a local broadcast audience. ie Local Bar or suchlike

04-11-2013 00:50
Fantastic first show Alex and great to hear Patrick Henningsen again

03-04-2013 21:37
Good guest this week. When is someone going to knock on the Royals' door???

20-03-2013 21:40
pass the parcel lol

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9-11 - The conspirators exposed

Let´s entertain for a moment the controversy regarding, whether or not the 19 hijackers were bought and paid by the US secret services, perhaps under directive from some in the US government, or, were perhaps genuine foreign terrorists with an axe to grind acting and plotting on their own. And putting a side for a second the evidence put forth by the 9-11 commission report in its heavy paged contrived conclusions on 9-11, who got no cooperation from the White House, were underfunded and were not allowed to include dissent opinions and according to 9-11 commission counsel Janice Kephart (lawyer) who said - “the government and the defense department have an extreme propensity for secrecy”, further adding -“it´s always about protecting the institution in the end.”. The omissions in the report include the two of the terrorist´s passports conveniently found intact on the streets  below the Twin Towers after the collision, fireball, collapse and subsequent huge pyroclastic and debris cloud that followed the destruction of the two main buildings or even a driver´s license from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia found in the Pennsylvania crash where another plane was obliterated and William Rodriguez´s account who was the janitor at the World Trade Centre for 20 years, that amongst others, does not feature in the official report nor does the testimony by Norman Mineta, nor the testimony by Sibel Edmonds, Scott Forbes and other witnesses accounts who have nevertheless made it into other unofficial investigations. Nor does it feature the collapse of building 7 and the findings by professional bodies amongst them, the Fire Engineering magazine who have stated the 9-11 investigation was a half-baked farce, very much like the Warren Commission on John F. Kennedy´s assassination. All evidence sure points to a conspiracy to commit mass murder and criminal property damage for profit and intimidation.

How is it possible then that just a few man successfully pulled an operation that brought down several large buildings in New York City – the World Trade Centre, in the most known city in the world, heaviest fortified country in the world, with the best trained air force, the best equipped army, the most efficient navy and a military industrial complex with the most modern communications networks systems in the world armed with nothing but simple box cutters, a plan to fit in well having emigrated from the middle east, learn to pilot in a short space of time and a taste for revenge towards America?

One of the two must be the answer: - either the multi trillion budget ($533 billion) spending on national defense in the USA is a total hogwash and best spend it on other domestic issues, like health and housing, given that in itself it has proven that it´s not the amount of money it is thrown at the problem but rather could a small budget do any worse? 

Following from that the only other probable answer must be: - that it must have been allowed to happen, plain and simple – an inside job.

To best understand this proposition we need to; first, look at the context before 9-11, secondly take a hard look at what steps were undertaken immediately after the event and thirdly, who profited from this catastrophe.

“[The Big Lie is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampft about the use of a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the <truth> so infamously." Hitler asserted the technique was used by Jews to unfairly blame Germany's loss in World War I on German Army officer Erich Ludendorffe.]”

Context before 9-11:

a)      Project for a New American Century – This was an treasonous ideological manifesto to rebuild America´s defenses put on paper in the year 2000 by a right wing think tank [part of Bushes´s Administration] that included Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, Lewis "Scooter" Libby (Cheney´s Chief of staff), John Bolton and Eliot Cohen (Institute for policy studies and defense policy board), stating that “if America is to become a future strong force in the world it needs a catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new pearl Harbor”. One year later the 9-11 attacks happened.


b)      Northwoods Military operation is planned in 1962 as a false flag attack on Cuba to generate antagonism against Cuba by accusing Cuba of shooting down an airliner when in fact the plan had been conceived by the CIA. This is rejected by the Kennedy administration and was obviously kept in the “good ideas box” for future use.


c)       Enron (the seventh biggest company in the USA) and the California´s energy fraud – see “The smartest man in the room DVD”. The greatest corporate scandal of America history. Enron was a company that in its hay day was generating 100 billion a year and was the company that could do no wrong. It did so well that it´s CEO Keneath Lay was invited by George Bush after he became president to personally conduct the interviews of people who would serve in the Bush Administration for high level positions in the energy department – the very regulatory agency overseeing Enron.  Enron was Bush´s top campaign contributor lavishly donating almost $6 million and later partnering with the Bush´s administration for the Turkmenistan pipe line through Taliban controlled Afghanistan into new Deli. Enron also spent billions on an energy power station in Dabhol, India, which later had to be abandoned as the project was to large scale for the local target use contributing to company´s demise.


d)      George Bush´s election fraud – swings the elections in his favor when all evidence by far indicated that Bush was losing to Al Gore. All sort of tricks were used to make sure Bush would win at all cost and it wasn´t just the Electoral College. This meant that people were being sent home whist waiting in line to vote, people were being taken off the electoral rolls on drummed up reasons and large sections of the population were being disfranchised from voting and their civil rights trampled – see Cynthia Mckinney American Blackout. As if this was not enough the most pertinent evidence is the Diebold’s voting machines fraud brought forward by whistleblower Clinton Eugene Curtis involvement at the behest of Rep. Tom Feeney, in September 2000.


e)      George Bush impeachment for going to war without the approval of the US congress – see Dennis Kucinich on “no justification for war” and treatment of detainees and Paul Wellstone on the “raise of corporate power big enough to dictate policy”.


f)       Air traffic control fighter response protocol changed. Robin Hordon flight controller at Boston center for 11 years stated that before 1970 there was only one form of response, a quick response by fighter jets. During the 1970´s due to some hijackers there was a second protocol put in for slow response to sneak behind the airliner and so needed a pentagon approval before you released the fighters.  These two protocols were in place till June 1st 2001. In June 2001 three months before 9-11 Donald Rumsfeld, the pentagon and the military changed the protocols to just the slow protocol. No one answered the phone when the decision had to be made - see Cheney and Norman Mineta.


g)      The Pentagon debt black hole – Donald Rumsfeld then in charge of the pentagon admits on record that he cannot account for 2.3 trillions of the pentagon transactions. Where did this money go and who did it serve?


h)      Securicom oversees security at the World Trade Centre taking place in the middle of a Lift modernization by ACE, in this modernization 9 month prior to 9-11 guards were put in place at these locked elevators - Marvin Bush the younger brother of George Bush sets on the board of Securicom.


i)        Larry Silverstein becomes landlord of the building in July 24th 2001 becoming leaseholder to the WTC Silverstein was then in control of maintenance and security and brought in Frank Lowy to become the landlord of the underground shopping mall. Silverstein starts replacing security personnel and takes out an insurance policy just a few weeks before the strike specifically taken out against a terrorist attack. It´s said he was having difficulty finding new tenants at the Trade Centre and the difficulty of meeting the $1 billion legal requirements to remove the illegal asbestos from every steel beam in the tower. 


j)        High patent officers are strategically relieved from their posts and replaced with novice officers at the Pentagon, such as Captain Leidig who replaces US Army Brigadier General W. Montague Winfield (National Military Command Centre). After planes are assumed crashed Winfield resumes control.


“Propaganda should be popular, not intellectually pleasing. It is not the task of propaganda to discover intellectual truths.” - Joseph Goebbels on 9 January 1928 

Context during 9-11:


k)      NORAD, global guardian and vigilant guardian war game unfolds in conjunction with Canada. Dick Cheney takes over NORAD and a exercise versus realworld scenario begin to happen at the same time creating confusion in operations and slowing down response – see Norman Mineta´s accounts as he witnessed a conversation between Cheney and an operator where he asks “Do the orders still stand? “Of course the orders (for the jets to stand down) still stand did you hear anything to the contrary” - replies Dick Cheney.


l)        Attacking America from within - gray planes hit the Towers with an extra piece of equipment – a pod, a single explosion are detected before the planes or their shadows hit the building.


m)    Bush did not leave the school when he´s first told America is being attacked and continues reading book. He does not order the school to be evacuated.


n)      Silverstein stated he was on an appointment with the dermatologist in the morning of the event (a convenient alibi and a reason not to be in the building that morning).


o)      Looking at the footage that day why is it that there is molten iron, molten steel and evidence of thermate at the bottoms of elevator shafts down 7 basement levels and in world trade center building 7. (Thermate is thermite with sulfur, is more difficult to find make or acquire as government limits how much one can have of it) – equals a zero resistance demolition style collapse.


p)      As reported by Barry Jennings, asked to go manage the office of emergency management on the 33th floor of building 7, tells that the stairs on floor 6 exploded before any of the Towers collapsed. 


q)      April Gallop, U.S. army specialist working 30 feet away from the crash zone in the Pentagon escapes walking out of the building through the impact whole. She sees no airplane. She is told by superiors to shut up. She filed a law suit against the government – See Jessie Ventura´s 9-11 conspiracy theory investigative program.


r)       Donald Rumsfeld was seen helping out with a stretcher in the Pentagon lawn in the day of the attack. Why was he, not in charge of a determining what had happen?


s)       Terrorist´s names and a story line was put forward which later conflicted with evidence found on camera, ground zero, witnesses accounts, academic research and by the sheer suppression and uncooperative response from government and popular media.


t)       The famous BBC feed by Jane Standley reporting within the area of the World Trade Centre where we see building 7 still standing whilst is reported that building 7 (the Soloman Brothers building) is visibly standing behind her. Why was this reported before it had actually collapsed? Allegedly because the building had been weakened – The feed was subsequently scrambled and lost.


u)      A new term “Enemy Combatant” is invented to circumvent article 4 of the P.O.W. (prisoner of war) protection held by The Hague and Geneva Conventions.


v)      Kurt Sonnenfeld, contractor for F.EM.A. - Federal Emergency Agency, is the only cameraman with total access to film on ground zero to provide the censored images to the international media.


“Many will look with their eyes but not see and listen with their ears but not hear” - Jordan Maxwell.

Context after 9-11:

a)      The entire air space in the USA is shut down except for the Bin Laden family who are authorized to leave the USA by plane. This happens because of the links to the Carlyle Group - the largest defense contractors, to which the Bush family, the Ben Ladens, Ronald Regan, John Major and Frank Carlucci are connected, amongst others.


b)      Enron went bust in December 2001 becoming synonymous with corporate abuse and accounting fraud. Both CEO´s stayed silent while encouraging everyone else to continue to buy company stock and 401k in the company whilst they themselves were bailing out selling all their shares and shredding loads of company documents. Most 22,000 employees lost most of their savings, the loses in the 401k totaled more than 1 billion and the stock in public retirement funds lost 1.5 billion but the CEO´s made it like bandits, like: ex Enron´s CEO Lou Pai left the company with $250 million becoming the second largest land owner in Colorado, Charles Schwab took home $350 million, 144 other top executives received a total of 310 million in compensation and $435 million in stock, an average of $2 million each and $3 million in stock. In the end CEO Keneath Lay died before sentencing, was found guilty on May 25, 2006, of 10 counts of securities fraud and related charges and Jeffrey Skillin was convicted of multiple federal felony charges and is serving a 24-year prison sentence. Let´s also refer that the compelling evidence and FBI, CIA, SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) documents for Enron´s fraud and market manipulation as in the case of the $70 billion California´s “energy crises” – see American Blackout, a crises which added millions to Enron´s profits, was kept at WTC building 7. Building 7 was also used to spy on the UN and building 6 housed US customs documents, with 9-11 public attention was then diverted from these issues.


c)       Donald Rumsfeld, the pentagon and the military switch the protocol back again, on the 12th September, to fast and slow.


d)      Hundreds of architects and civil and chemical engineers agree that structural collapse could not have resulted from fires and that thermite and demolition methods were certainly involved. Thermite evidence not included in the official NIST 911 report.


e)      Based on experience and professional data hundreds of jet liner pilots all agree that such maneuvers especially the one that hit the Pentagon was impossible to undertake by a human pilot at 500 knots. Others include Rob Balsamo pilot, Robin Hordon flight controller at Boston, Danielle O´Brien air traffic controller from Dulles airport, Captain Nila Sagadevan, Captain Russ Wittemberg and (Ret.) US Air force Lt. Cl. And commercial jet liner Field McConnell - see Captain Sherlock Solves 9-11.


f)       The Bush administration delayed the investigation on 9-11 by 411 days keeping funding for the investigation to a minimum. Releases only 25% of the 11,000 requested documents and blocks out portions, no transcripts are allowed and those taking notes need to submit these to security personal. “My administration will not talk about it – said Bush”.


g)      Silverstein demands insurance companies pay him twice as much the policy stated on the grounds each tower suffered two separate attacks. He received a $7 billion settlement for his investment of only $15 million.


h)      The very same high patent officers relieved from their posts at the Pentagon before 9-11, such as Captain Leidig who replaced US Army Brigadier General W. Montague Winfield (National Military Command Centre). They are both later promoted one to Major General the other to Rear Admiral. US Air Force Brigadier General David F. Wherley Jr. commander of Andrews Air Force base nearest to the pentagon is promoted to Major General. US Air force Vice Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff Richard B. Myers was out of the country – he also was promoted Chairman.


i)        There are 86 video cameras surrounding the pentagon but the FBI kept all the tapes and only released one short sequence after 5 years of law suits under the Freedom Information Act, in which no jet liner is visible, if anything only added to the suspicions of treason by means of a ground missile being deployed on that location.


j)        Kurt Sonnenfeld escapes to Argentina as a political refugee with 25 hours of ground zero crucial footage after having stated that the official 9-11 Government´s investigations are a lie. He faces extradition to the US on alleged murder charges – Why is the US determined slap on murder charges on anyone who it wants to silence? Isn´t Julian Assange going the same way and Aaron Swartz most recently also?  


k)      9-11 truth movements are created and victims’ families, fire man and their relatives and the public out large begin to seek justice and health treatments for their exposure to the toxic compounds inhaled in fine particles from the dust clouds. Too often they are shut down by government and called unpatriotic and ridiculed by the media.


l)        Pretext for War ensues - Defense contractors wasted or lost $60bn, of which $31bn equivalent to $12million a day is squandered through bad planning since the US lead intervention in Afghanistan. In Iraq billions are made by mercenaries like Blackwater, other by the Halliburton Group (the giant oil and gas services company, for pipelines, infrastructure and telecommunications but 75% energy related) run by Dick Cheney and who went on to build Guantanamo bay detention camp through Kellogg Brown and Root and serviced clients like Unocal – see “Stupid white man” by Michael Moore.


m)    Paul Wellstone political stands resulted in losing his life in a suspicious airplane crash in 2002. Dr. David Kelley and Robin Cook went the same way and Hans Blix was removed the WMD inspection commission in 2003 to be replaced with others who would show a more pro-Bush, pro-war sentiment.


n)      The pipe line through Turkmenistan is built and Hamid Karzai is transferred from the leadership of Unocal, another oil and energy giant company in the USA, to serve as president of Afghanistan taking office on 7 December 2004.


o)      Were the hijackers who they say they were for flights 11, 175, 77 and 93? The defense department´s inspector general has concluded that a top secret intelligence-gathering program did not identify Mohamed Atta or any of the other hijackers before Sep. 11 2001 attacks, determining that there is no evidence to claims that Atta´s name and photograph were on military charts before the strikes. Pentagon officials said recollection of several officials involved in “Able Danger” data-mining operation “were not accurate” and that a chart with Atta´s name and photo never existed. The company responsible to establishing these connections ORION=NIMROD lied about Mohamed Atta and others as the chart did exist. On September 20th and 27th, FBI director Robert Mueller admitted on CNN that there is no legal proof to the identity of the hijackers as hijackers may have stolen identities of innocent citizens.


p)      Guantánamo bay detention camp is built making possible the practicalities of detention without warrant, indefinite incarceration, interrogation, secret courts, renditions and torture, including centers with names like “camp justice”.


q)      Four years later Peter Power from Visor Consultants Emergency Management - is on record saying he was running an exercise drill based on simultaneous bombs going off in London at the very same time and locations where the London bombings occurred on 7-7 (7th July 2005), coincidence or yet another false flag event from the same 911 template?…evidence corroborated by David Shayler and Annie Machon MI-5 whistleblowers.


r)       After 9-11 the F.B.I. was blocked by Assistant Attorney General for Legal Policy Viet Dinh from doing any gun background checks, after exhaustive study of “the law”.  But in 2002 the truth came out as the General Accounting Office released the Justice Department´s actual legal opinion it had reached in 01/10/01, that there was nothing wrong with looking to see if a suspect terrorist had  bought a gun, opposing John Ashcroft´s orders that stopped checks for terrorist´s gun files.       


s)       In consequence the war on everyone - begins with the Patriot Act, the war on terror, the war on our unalienable rights, hipped surveillance, the censorship in the media and the dissident journalists and bloggers, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), the Terrorism Act [UK] and Rockefellers´ Cyber Security Act 2009-S 773, S778, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and reclassification of protestors and activists as extremists and terrorists. In all of these instances, it means that instead of showing probable cause in a regular court, agents can get a secret warrant from a secret court and have their request stamped, visit your home and never have to tell you they did so. In 2002, in the U.S. 170 “emergency warrants” were issued compared to 47 in the last 23 years. Followed by the Draft Communication Data Bill, which will be granting new powers to monitor internet activity [UK] opening new extreme precedents on curtailing our freedoms. Further to these remits for additional power under reasons of national security and policing the world, we now also see the escalation of the Drone public relation for perpetual war to appease public awareness at home whilst all the while preemptive drone attacks go global and Thought Crime starts to become a reality. This decision to provide the lawmakers with classified information comes on the eve of the confirmation hearings for John Brennan, Obama's pick for CIA boss. Brennan was a chief architect of the drone program so widely deployed during Obama presidency. It is being followed by the NDAA (the National Defense Authorization Act) which extends the powers of arrest of alternative journalists and bloggers, specifying that a journalist will be “one that is authorized by the military”, the reasons for national security are dubious as this is coming 10 years after 9-11. This has nevertheless, given the corporate state an excuse to continue to strip away our civil liberties, very much like the excuse used by Hitler to take over the Reichstag fire in 1933 which allowed Hitler to accelerate the banning of the Communist Party announcing that it had been the start of a Communist plot to take over Germany.


t)       Tony Blair – Bushes´ “tabloid poodle” and the second architect for the war on Iraq in his own words, at the Hutton inquiry, said he had “no doubt” that Saddam had WMD’s and there was imminent threat “45 minute attack claim” along with Bushes´ own “mushroom cloud” went on a few years later to rake millions in his new capacity of - peace envoy to the middle East and in his private international talks, hailed as the new inductee into the realms of that exclusive presidential fraternity and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients at a ceremony in Washington on Jan 13th 2009.


u)      Judy Wood writes the book “Where did the towers go?” proves through empirical evidence that the Twin Towers did not “pancake” but rather suffered “dustification” turning into dust as they fell, implying the use of energy directed weapons disrupting the molecular bases of matter. This is based on forensic data from the absence of fallen material from the site not corresponding to all the material that previous stood – she´s a leading scientist, Ph.D. in mechanical engineering.


v)      Dr. Fred Bell collapses dead in his hotel room two days after Jessie Ventura interview after opening his insights on the destructive power of direct weapons he worked on, allowing Jessie´s Ventura to go public with the exposé linking it to 9-11.


w)      Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.) is the highest ranking military person to have spoken out against the official 9/11 story. He belives what hit the Pentagon was not an aeroplane and finds much of the evidence suspicious; this includes air defense systems that were turned off, all of the sensors at the Pentagon were also turned off, also strange that an air defense exercise was conducted on the same day and time as the "real world" scenario unfolded, the towers collapse was identical to a demolition indicated by the puffs of smoke as the building fell, the temperature to melt the girders did not occour from the fuel in the aeroplane and building 7 collapsed following an order to "pull it" by Larry Silverstein.  


“First they came for the communist, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the socialists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.“ - Martin-Niemöller

Since 9-11, governments of all western countries accept the official version of events as all European governments respond to a hierarchy of power, the “eye of Horus” introduced in the European Community emblem of the 12 circular stars by the recent addition of 2 eyelashes, the master-servant relationship. Even though these nations are disguised as sovereign and self-determining, some issues, some think, are too big to approach, not popular, not properly understood and a “downer” and in the “eye of Horus” of mainstream media coverage nothing will be discussed seriously to do with disrupting the official version of 9-11. We hope that as more and more people begin to see the changes that are here and changes to come that they will be compelled to awaken to the evidence and hence begin to ask questions and dispute the lies and programming that is being done on them for profit and consolidation of corporate power. We aim to inform and share the investigations, the evidence is here now – see it for yourself.

pedro g

Contributor for Radio Alert Radio




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