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26-09-2014 10:16
Doomwatch is the best show around

31-05-2014 09:13
Missed you this week.. Happy Birthday Alex for Sunday. you misunderstood my text last week as I meanth a local broadcast audience. ie Local Bar or suchlike

04-11-2013 00:50
Fantastic first show Alex and great to hear Patrick Henningsen again

03-04-2013 21:37
Good guest this week. When is someone going to knock on the Royals' door???

20-03-2013 21:40
pass the parcel lol

Doomwatch 7 - Thomas Sheridan - The Deceit Behind the Channel 4 Psychopath Night

Doomwatch 7 - Thomas Sheridan - The Deceit Behind the Channel 4 Psychopath Night

In this seventh edition of DOOMWATCH, Friday 13 December 2013, 6.00pm-8.00pm GMT on Peterborough FM you are now not only able to listen in, but you can also see the show, in-vision, via www.ukcolumn.org/doomwatch

Tonight's guest is artist and writer THOMAS SHERIDAN, as alex:g quizzes him on the eve of Channel 4's PSYCHOPATH NIGHT. The duo are going to call it how it is.  There are those that walk among us, and those pulling the strings, who want to ‘normalise’ our reaction to ‘them’. We are talking about psychopaths, the most inhuman criminals on the face of the planet. Through every strata of society they are trying to create a 'new normal' and fool the majority of the population into accepting the unacceptable. 

This show will discuss exactly what game is being played, and with what desired end result.




Ireland exits bailout in better shape

BBC: Although Ireland's exit from the bailout programme does not in any way reduce the eye-watering level of debt it took on in 2010, it is hugely important, both inside and outside the country. Ireland has atoned for the reckless lending of its banks. Its people have endured harsh new taxes, reductions in wages, jobs losses and heart-breaking levels of emigration, and they have done so without overt dissent or disorder on the streets. Its prime minister Enda Kenny has been praised by German Chancellor Angela Merkel for implementing brutal cuts in public spending, and Ireland has proved to be the poster boy of the austerity she insisted upon.

Ireland has kept up its interest payments on the £57.4bn it was forced to borrow. The bailout has been rather like an endowment mortgage: the capital remains, but the government no longer needs to draw down cash from Europe. Ireland is funded for the year ahead, having already returned to the bond markets to borrow sufficient monies to run its services for 2014, but its status as an investment pariah has diminished.

Interest rates on government bonds are manageable; some even describe them as favourable. During the bailout, unemployment reached 15%, but that figure has fallen month-on-month for almost a year-and-a-half.



Irish pace of reform blamed on cronyism

FT: The Honorable Society of King’s Inns, which controls barristers’ entry into the Irish legal system, has seen off the EU and International Monetary Fund. The two demanded a shake-up of the country’s legal profession as a condition of the €67.5bn bailout they supplied in 2010. Dublin promised a slate of reforms to slash sky-high fees, make it easier for consumers to get advice from barristers and set up independent oversight of the profession. But, as Ireland prepares on Sunday to mark its official exit from the bailout programme, the 2011 reform bill remains bogged down in parliament amid intense lobbying from lawyers.


Lord Patten warns Tory MP over Savile scandal evidence

The Telegraph: Lord Patten, the chairman of the BBC Trust, has warned a Conservative MP that he risks legal action if he publishes evidence calling into question the corporation's handling of the Jimmy Savile scandal. Robert Wilson, Tory MP for Reading East, has obtained an audio recording in which the author of an independent inquiry into the scandal at the BBC reportedly undermines his own findings. He is planning to publish the audio recording today but Lord Patten has written to him warning that he should be "weighing up the legal liabilities that might arise".

Mr Wilson accused Lord Patten of "Soviet-era behaviour" and said he was "dangerously out of touch". Mr Wilson said: "Lord Patten’s threat to a democratically-elected Member of Parliament is almost reminiscent of something from the Soviet-era. It is chilling behaviour from the so-called public “guardian” of this country’s dominant state broadcaster.


Barack Obama and David Cameron pose for selfie with Danish PM

The Guardian: As Barack Obama and David Cameron joined tens of thousands of South Africans paying their respects to Nelson Mandela at a memorial service in Johannesburg, they took advantage of the unusual number of dignitaries gathered in one place to pose for a self-portrait with Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the Danish prime minister (and daughter-in-law of Neil Kinnock).

Ignoring the etiquette tips that have proliferated online since 'selfie' was declared Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year, the three world leaders appeared to momentarily forget the solemnity of the occasion, adopting the mandatory cheesy grins. Michelle Obama maintained her dignity and refused to join in the antics.


George Osborne: Tories will slash welfare state by ‘billions’

The Telegraph: A future Conservative government will slash the welfare state by "billions" to protect schools, hospitals and investment in science from further cuts, the Chancellor has said. Mr Osborne hinted he is prepared to further lower the £26,000 cap on the amount households can receive in benefits, in a move likely to put the Tories in conflict with their Coalition partners.  Mr Osborne told the Treasury select committee: "My view is that welfare expenditure cannot be excluded from the difficult decisions that need to be made, if you want to maintain the same pace of reduction in government spending, then you're going to have to find billions of welfare savings."


Dismantle the euro, says Nobel-winning economist who once backed currency union

Daily Mail:  One of the world’s leading economists has admitted he was wrong to back the creation of the euro – and has called for it to be dismantled. Sir Christopher Pissarides, who won the Nobel Prize for economics in 2010, was once a passionate believer in the benefits of the single currency. But in an extraordinary change of heart, he warned the euro is creating a ‘lost generation’ of unemployed youngsters and is “dividing Europe”. The Cypriot-British economist called for action to “restore the euro’s credibility in international markets’ and to ‘restore the trust that Europe’s nations once had in each other”. But, in a lecture at the London School of Economics, where he teaches, he added: “Regretfully, I do not see either materialising.”


Destroying your own brand values

“Secret of the Discount Stores”, an edition of Dispatches which was shown last Monday on Channel 4, was nothing short of jaw-dropping. Own brands effectively counterfeiting their own goods (i.e., making last year's range once again, with substandard materials and selling in their own outlet stores, as well as to the likes of TK Maxx). Breaking the golden rule of undermining their own brand values and standings.

Lucy Mangan, The Guardian on Panorama: Power Failure: How can we encourage-slash-force people to reduce their energy consumption? Threaten a fracking operation in every back garden? De-complicate the Green Deal mess and see if the present 1% uptake rises? Burn cabinet ministers for fuel, or EU regulations that require environmental taxes to be slapped on top of everything else? Shall we warm the electorate with cuts and torch our children's futures, or could we dare to make a tiny inroad or two into the £1bn profit the main energy companies made last year to fund a third way?


Are psychopaths at the mercy of their genes?

Irish Independent: The word "psychopath" is used in the arts to depict somebody who is distasteful and even hateful. He is somebody who makes people angry because of his lack of empathy and cruelty. He is the person who seems unmoved when he commits a heinous crime and at times may even get pleasure from such actions. The word evil issues from the lips of those trying to describe this person. The question many ask is whether he was born evil or did he become so in the passage through life?

For decades claims have been about the brains of those who are psychopathic suggesting that this is an inherited state. The textbooks of psychiatry dating back to the 1960s suggest that the electrical activity in the brain of the psychopath is abnormal – this is measured using an EEG and this tool is in common use in neurological clinics. More recently the focus has shifted from such crude measures to more honed techniques such as MRI scanning. This can also measure brain activity in certain areas when the person is engaged in behaviours such as reading, watching films and so on. If there are physical abnormalities in the brains of those who behave psychopathically then should we not regard this as a brain disorder and treat it as an illness not an evil? If our brain determines our actions where do free will and personal responsibility lie?


Psychopaths and Patronising Accusations Concerning Your Mental Heath

A thought piece by Thomas Sheridan elicited the following reaction from Anonymous - 12 August 2013 07:12 – “Are you just making up your opinions and telling others? Where are your references and evidence? I know people who aren't psychopaths who manipulate others in this manner and for a variety of different reasons. This is fear mongering and creating paranoia between people, lines like "A normal, decent person might state.." shows that your judgement is clearly affected and you are imposing your assumed correct views of normal people on the reader. This blog entry, is manipulative.”


Kenya Mall Massacre: There were only FOUR shooters – who escaped alive

21st Century Wire: From the onset, the Kenya Mall Massacre was riddled with odd circumstances and dramatised media coverage, so much so that it is very difficult not to be sceptical about the official narrative of what happened, and who was involved. That narrative continues to unravel. After the event took place, NYPD sent several detectives to Nairobi as part of a ‘Joint Terrorism Task Force’, in order to investigate the terror attack, and assembled their findings into the report released this week. It turns out what we were told at the time differs greatly from the facts on the ground, including, we are told, the fictional UK tabloid media’s rumours that British citizen, Samantha Lewthwaite, aka ‘The White Widow’ (the widow of a suicide bomber who attacked the London transport network and killed 26 people as part of the “7/7” plot) was present at the massacre and helped to ‘mastermind’ the plot. More lies to throw off the public?

NBC reports that: “The NYPD report credits private security guards and personnel with clearing many people from the mall, though some may have fired on each other since they didn’t use badges. Some civilians “played dead” as the terrorists walked past, while others who tried to hide, many in small stores, were shot dead.” The real question now is: who ‘masterminded’ the media coverage and official narrative of this terror event?


Sign language translator at Nelson Mandela's memorial was a FAKE: South Africa's deaf federation confirms his movements had 'no meaning'

The Guardian: The South African government has admitted that the sign language interpreter accused of gesticulating nonsense during the Nelson Mandela memorial service lacked qualifications and that the company who supplied him had a history of substandard services and in this instance, "cheating". Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu, the deputy minister for women, children and people with disabilities, conceded a mistake had been made, but denied that Thamsanqa Jantjie was a fraud and refused to rule out employing him again.

Millions of TV viewers saw Jantjie, 34, interpreting speeches by Barack Obama and other global leaders at the FNB stadium in Johannesburg. His gestures baffled and angered deaf people around the world, with experts saying he did not know even basic signs such as "thank you" or "Mandela". The African National Congress, having previously pleaded ignorance, said on Thursday that it had used Jantjie's services over the years, but was not involved in the organisation of the memorial service, and was therefore "not in a position to offer a view on how his services were secured by the government". Jantjie claimed on Thursday that he is qualified but was hallucinating and hearing voices during the service, and that he is receiving treatment for schizophrenia.



Lloyd Pye of Starchild skull fame dead at 67 - http://doubtfulnews.com/2013/12/starchild-skull-proponent-lloyd-pye-has-died/

Starchild DNA report in layman’s terms - http://starchildproject.com/dna-testing/2011-dna-report-in-laymans-terms

Ireland exits bailout in better shape - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-25351493

Irish pace of reform blamed on cronyism - http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/731b5d6a-628f-11e3-bba5-00144feabdc0.html  

Paedophilia and Psychopathology are Being 'Normalised' to Keep Politicians/Elites Safe -http://thomassheridanofficialblog.blogspot.ie/2013/12/paedophilia-and-psychopathology-are.html

Channel 4 – Psychopath Night - http://www.channel4.com/programmes/psychopath-night

Psychopaths And Patronising Accusations Concerning Your Mental Heath -http://thomassheridanofficialblog.blogspot.ie/2013/08/psychopaths-and-patronising-accusations.html

Are psychopaths at the mercy of their genes? -http://www.independent.ie/lifestyle/health/are-psychopaths-at-the-mercy-of-their-genes-29820445.html

Lord Patten warns Tory MP over Savile scandal evidence - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/jimmy-savile/10509720/Lord-Patten-warns-Tory-MP-over-Savile-scandal-evidence.html

Barack Obama and David Cameron pose for selfie with Danish PM - http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/dec/10/nelson-mandela-world-leaders-selfie

George Osborne: Tories will slash welfare state by ‘billions’ -http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10513658/George-Osborne-Tories-will-slash-welfare-state-by-billions.html

Dismantle the euro, says Nobel-winning economist who once backed currency union - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2522298/Nobel-winner-Sir-Christopher-Pissarides-warns-lost-generation-dole.html  

Kenya Mall Massacre: There were only FOUR shooters – who escaped alive - http://21stcenturywire.com/2013/12/11/new-revelations-on-kenya-mall-massacre-there-were-only-four-shooters-who-escaped-alive/

Secrets of the Discount Stores - http://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2013/dec/10/panorama-power-failure-dispatches-tv-review

Sign language translator at Nelson Mandela's memorial was a FAKE: South Africa's deaf federation confirms his movements had 'no meaning' - http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/dec/12/nelson-mandela-sign-language-interpreter-error-south-africa-government

Milk of Magnesia disappeared from British shelves as ingredients fell foul of EU meddlers - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2352139/Milk-Magnesia-disappears-British-shelves-ingredients-fall-foul-EU-meddlers.html  

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