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26-09-2014 10:16
Doomwatch is the best show around

31-05-2014 09:13
Missed you this week.. Happy Birthday Alex for Sunday. you misunderstood my text last week as I meanth a local broadcast audience. ie Local Bar or suchlike

04-11-2013 00:50
Fantastic first show Alex and great to hear Patrick Henningsen again

03-04-2013 21:37
Good guest this week. When is someone going to knock on the Royals' door???

20-03-2013 21:40
pass the parcel lol

Doomwatch 9 - Patrick Henningsen - 2013 Review and News This Week

Doomwatch 9 - Patrick Henningsen - 2013 Review and News This Week

alex:g concludes our review of the last twelve months with the help of journalist Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire. From Sandy Hook right at the close of 2012, through the Boston Bombings, events closer to home in Woolwich, and the Kenyan terror attack are some of the subjects from the last 12 months, and to this week's news concerning Al Qaeda’s expense report, Britain’s gun running to east Africa, and the happenings at The People’s Voice internet channel. Tune in 6-8pm via www.peterborough.fm and www.ukcolumn.org/doomwatch





A similar but smaller scale incident to Waco’s mass carnage happened in Los Angeles. Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars dot com reports Police audio from the Christopher Dorner siege reveals a deliberate plan to burn down the cabin where Dorner was trapped, with one officer heard to say, “...burn this mother...” before police discussed their intention to “go ahead with the plan with the burners.”

“Burners” is police slang for tear gas canisters, which are known to cause fires. The audio was captured on police scanners as well as being picked up by a local news broadcast. More than seven agencies - federal, state and local - were involved in the final hours of the siege. The LAPD SWAT Team was airlifted in to carry out the final raid, with reports later confirming: “the SWAT team has the cabin surrounded.”

Watson of Infowars commented that the deliberate attempt to black-out media coverage of the event in the hours leading up to the cabin being intentionally set on fire by police, clearly suggests that authorities were keen to cover up that they were carrying out a pre-planned execution of Christopher Dorner. CNN have reported that Dorner was “pushed back inside” the cabin when he attempted to leave.

http://www.infowars.com/did-police-order-media-blackout-to-cover-up-plan-to-kill-dorner/ and

http://www.infowars.com/lapd-audio-from-dorner-siege-burn-this-motherfucker/ and


MARCH 2013

Proof that shows global warming forecasts were wrong all along 

The Mail on Sunday reported on irrefutable evidence that official predictions of global climate warming have been catastrophically flawed. The ‘scientific basis’ for Britain reshaping its entire economy and spending billions in taxes and subsidies in order to cut emissions of greenhouse gases has been blown apart, they say. These moves have already added £100 a year to household energy bills.

Celebrity scientists such as Johnny Ball and David Bellamy, who put their careers on the line, by persisting for so many years along the lines of reason and common sense, have now been vindicated. Here's what the experts NOW say on 'climate change': Dr David Whitehouse, Global Warming Policy Foundation: “This changes everything. Global warming should no longer be the main determinant of economic or energy policy."

Piers Forster, Climate Change Professor, Leeds University: “Global surface temperatures have not risen in 15 years. They make the high estimates unlikely.” Australian scientist David Archibald has shown a remarkable correlation between the sun’s activity and our climate over the past 300 years. No longer does there need to be a fudging of information as to why it was hotter during the Medieval Warm Period, before the Industrial Revolution, than it is now. This was something the infamous hockey stick graph could never explain, or take into account.


Bringing things up to date, in the United States, a ‘polar vortex’ has swooped down into the Midwest, bringing with it a record freeze. It’s a deadly freeze too, and stark reminder of how low temperatures – not ‘warming’, poses the greatest threat to human survival in the Northern hemisphere.

This year’s freeze is no laughing matter. Millions of Americans have been forced into virtual hibernation as a result of the latest arctic wave, which is now pushing its way from Midwest states like Minnesota, down to the south and over to the east coast. It is so cold that skin exposure to sub-zero elements can result in instant frostbite. In Minneapolis, low temperatures are predicted to reach minus-24 F, with a wind chill factor of minus-50.

This is not the first record-breaking cold snap in recent years. North America hit record lows in 2012 along with record snow falls, and record blizzards and ice storms in 2011 . Before that, 2010 saw record low freezes as well. In fact, according to the UN own data, the planet has been in a global cooling cycle for the last 16 years.

And no kidding, it’s snowing in Egypt.


On 25 November 2013, on ABC Lateline, it was revealed Professor Chris Turney from the University of New South Wales was mounting the largest Australian science expedition to the Antarctic, with an 85-person team aboard the Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy, to try to answer questions about how climate change in the frozen continent might be already shifting weather patterns in Australia.

According to a Jonathan Pearlman (Sydney, 09:40 GMT, 28 December 2013): “(they) thought their ordeal had finally ended on Saturday as a Chinese icebreaker, the Snow Dragon, came within sight and prepared to lead them to open water. There’s a lot of relief amongst the team, and there’s lots of happy faces,” Chris Turney said in a video posted online.

“But the Snow Dragon came no further. It stopped about six nautical miles away as the ice proved thick and its master opted - wisely, according to maritime experts - to ensure the safety of his own crew. A nearby French vessel also failed to break through the ice.

The MV Akademik Shokalskiy had been stuck in a desolate stretch of sea ice since a heavy blizzard on Christmas Eve. The passengers and 20-odd Russian crew members now remain in an icy limbo. They are hoping a third icebreaker, Aurora Australis, will be able to break through the ice. It is due to arrive on Sunday."



But all is not lost: "According to Prof Turney: "The situation has stabilised and all on board are well. We are now trying to make the best scientific use of our time while waiting for the arrival of an icebreaker to release us in the next 24 hours."


That was before the icebreaker in question decided to wait for reinforcements. I suppose “making the best scientific use of our time” means working out how they can blame this on global warming - especially as right now it's high summer in the Antarctic! And a final little gem, from a back number on the paper that warned us how "snow in Britain will become a rare and exciting event": “Sunday, 2 May, 2004, The Independent - Government chief scientist, Professor David King, said ‘ ... Antarctica is likely to be the world's only habitable continent by the end of this century’.”



APRIL 2013

Bomb squad drill was under way at the Boston marathon

Storyleak dot com reported that key Boston Marathon eyewitness and running participant, Alastair Stevenson, has confirmed that drills were taking place the morning of the Boston Marathon, complete with bomb squads and rooftop snipers.

Alastair has now voiced the entirety of what he saw as a participant and coach during the Marathon — something that he says he has never seen before despite participating in much larger races around the world.

He states in an online video: “At the start at the event, at the Athlete’s Village, there were people on the roof looking down onto the Village at the start. There were dogs with their handlers going around sniffing for explosives, and we were told on a loud announcement that we shouldn’t be concerned, and that it was just a drill. And maybe it was just a drill, but I’ve never seen anything like that — not at any marathon that I’ve ever been to.”

As we continue to be told, this is another massive coincidence, as drills were also being run on the mornings of 9/11 and 7/7, amongst many other “terrorist” incidents. Interestingly, the authorities are now denying that any such drills were taking place at the Boston Marathon.



JUNE 2013


From the BBC News website: “Charles Saatchi has been cautioned for assault after images of him grasping his wife, Nigella Lawson, by the neck appeared in a newspaper. He said he voluntarily went to a police station to accept the caution as "it was better than the alternative of this hanging over all of us for months". Scotland Yard earlier confirmed that a 70-year-old man "accepted a caution for assault".




Kenyan Terror Attack Designed to Open Up New ‘War on Terror’ Front in East Africa

21st Century Wire: The latest epic terror siege and fire fight in Nairobi, Kenya, with scores shot dead, taken hostage, now has speculation as to who did it, and most importantly – who planned it. Western media is currently profiling various “terror masterminds” possibly behind this latest horrible attack. Indeed, it was senseless, and it was horrific.

But who did it – and why, is where your focus should really be. The narrative is already set by US mainstream media: “Africa’s 9/11″, or “Africa’s 7/7″.

The unlucky Frank Lowy: The Westfield shopping centre in Nairobi, Kenya, is owned by Frank Lowy, a man who seems to have no luck with his properties. These global shopping centres which he owns seem to attract a suspiciously unusual amount of terrorist activity.

  • 11 September 2001: New York, the World Trade Center complex buildings 1, 2, and 7, along with the Westfield Hotel were ruined in the 9/11 attacks, and consequently about $5.4 billion went into the pockets of Lowy and Silverstein.
  • 21 September 2005: Westfield Mall in Perth, Australia, subject to a bomb threat.
  • 17 May 2006: Westfield in Woden, Australia, subject to a bomb threat.
  • 21 July 2007: The Court house adjacent Westfield Centre, Derby, England, subject to a bomb threat, which caused the evacuation of these Westfield premises.
  • 1 March 2008: Westfield Old Orchard Mall, Skokie, Illinois, subject to a bomb threat.
  • 20 April 2009: Westfield Hotel Annapolis, subject to a bomb threat.
  • 20 September 2008: Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, was bombed.
  • 17 July 2009: Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia, was bombed.

Tyler Hicks, the photographer, is also unlucky in that he ALWAYS just happens to be around to photograph events at these "attacks"...





Woolwich rolls on

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett and her two children were humiliated when they turned up at the Pride of Britain rewards only to be told to naff off. The reason given for her refused entry makes little sense. It seems that the ‘Angels of Woolwich’ section of the awards ceremony was withdrawn at the last minute following a reminder from the Attorney General’s office (AGO) that:  “under the Contempt of Court Act 1981, nothing could be broadcast or published which interferes with the administration of justice, including background or allegations relating to the alleged murder in Woolwich.” Now, when you think of what has already been published in the mainstream about Kennett and the Donnellys, the AGO’s reminder would seem somewhat superfluous, don’t cha think? And why turn her away, even if she wasn’t allowed to take part… Very strange.






Chemtrails ‘Out of the Closet’: Mainstream Media Disclose the Revelation of the Method

21st Century Wire: After a decade of denial and concealment of a highly destructive and dangerous experimental practice on unsuspecting humans, this year in 2013, the mainstream media’s information super-sewer pipe has begun to unveil the existence of the garbage dump we see when we look above in our once blue skies.

It’s worth revisiting, and perhaps sharing the Daily Mail report which speaks as if what they are describing could happen, when in fact, it’s already happening – on a daily basis all over the UK. They are banking on the fact that most people do not look up at the sky, or ask questions about the steady increase in endless tic-tack-toe designed over their heads. By announcing it this year, they are simply dropping a media seed, building the back story.




Philippines Typhoon linked to ‘Man-Made’ Microwave Pulses

21st Century Wire: On the Weather Modification Association’s own website, they admit such programs have existed for over 60 years in conjunction with other agencies: “The Weather Modification Association (WMA) was organized in 1950 to cultivate a better understanding of weather modification techniques, impacts, and expectations among program sponsors, program operators, and the scientific community, and to promote ethical professional conduct and a free exchange of information.” Government installations are already conducting ‘atmospheric heating experiments’ around the globe, including operational centres and radar observation stations in the immediate vicinity of what has been dubbed this week as “the world’s largest ever storm”.  

Weather-watcher, Dutchsine, discovered data relating to microwave pulse activity linked to this most recent Typhoon Haiyan (named “Typhoon Yolanda” in the Philippines) event in South East Asia. He also suggests that the storm system known “Zoraida” is also a man-made microwave directed storm.




4 American states confirm water pollution from drilling

Associated Press review of complaints casts doubt on industry view that it rarely happens. PITTSBURGH AP noted that in at least four American states that have nurtured the nation's energy boom, hundreds of complaints have been made about well-water contamination from oil or gas drilling, and pollution was confirmed in a number of them, according to a review that casts doubt on industry suggestions that such problems rarely happen.

The Associated Press requested data on drilling-related complaints in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Texas and found major differences in how the states report such problems.  The AP found that Pennsylvania received 398 complaints in 2013 alleging that oil or natural gas drilling polluted or otherwise affected private water wells, compared with 499 in 2012. The Pennsylvania complaints can include allegations of short-term diminished water flow, as well as pollution from stray gas or other substances. More than 100 cases of pollution were confirmed over the past five years.

Over the past 10 years, hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has led to a boom in oil and natural gas production around the nation. It has reduced imports and led to hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue for companies and landowners, but also created pollution fears.



The People’s Voice 

There is no doubt the world needs this type of uncensored media coverage, backed up by facts and expert opinion. However, how open can it be if you are abiding by Ofcom rules, and need to be open and transparent about how you are conducting business?

You make yourself a target, and as consequence should realise right from the start that you have to be absolutely squeaky clean. Where there is no mud to throw, it will be created. There will be ad hominem attacks against the person rather than the message. Everything will be done to undermine the credibility of what is being broadcast.

Journalist and writer Sonia Poulton, a previous guest on Peterborough FM’s Red Alert Radio, has a huge following and was one of the faces of the channel, became concerned about the lack of transparency within the spending of the station, asking for this to be remedied. Unfortunately, those senior managers at the station, including one of the figureheads (but NOT one of the directors), David Icke, took this personally, and Sonia left with immediate effect. Since then there has been a public relations battle between Sonia and The People’s Voice, which has left bad blood on several carpets.

The latest development was the issue of some very generalised accounts from The People’s Voice, which unfortunately created more questions than they answered.  

As a business which is only made possible by the donation of services for free by volunteers, many will be surprised to see in a seven month period a wage bill of some £75,000 has been made public. Without detail of who is being paid what, one can only go by clues given from elsewhere. Sonia herself admitted to a payment of £300 a month, which for a five-days-a-week show amounts to little more than expenses. Indeed, as she was only involved in the station for a maximum of two months, that should only mean a total of £600.00.

A figure of some £1,200 per month has been circulated in some quarters for host Richie Allen. Again, this is a token amount given the work he must be putting in, but again as the station has only been on-air a couple of months, that is a total of £2,000. All in all, that makes a total of just £3,000.00, leaving £72,000 potentially being paid out to others over a maximum of seven months. That represents over £10,000 per month on other wages. Breaking that down, this could mean £2,500 per month each for four persons, or £2,000 a month for five persons, or £1,000 a month for 10 people. It could be a lot more people being paid if Sonia’s £300 a month is representative of any sort of average.  We are also told that nothing has been paid to David Icke or the Managing Director of the operation, Sean Adl-Tabatabai.

Set up costs of £142,000 are declared, when it has been declared they paid £20,000 for studio equipment. One anticipates the final accounts must be more transparent.




Al Qaeda’s expense report

Northern Mali has become a hot-bed for terror related activities since the ‘National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad’ (MNLA) began receiving help from ‘Al Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb’ (AQIM), Al Qaeda’s North African branch.

Following NATO’s hostile intervention in Libya in 2011, we learned that AQIM had joined forces with the Al Qaeda-linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) – all of which are inexorably tied to the CIA and British intelligence agencies since Al Qaeda’s inception after the Soviet war in Afghanistan during the 1980s.

In December 2013, the Associated Press reported that a convoy bearing an Al Qaeda ‘black flag’ had approached a local grocery store in northern Mali, purportedly an Al Qaeda commander looking to procure some mustard for $1.60 asked for a receipt following his purchase at the same store. The AP also stated that the terror organization is set up like a corporate business model, recording all cash advances made to each individual fighter, as they are required to sign off on money they’ve received from some undisclosed entity.

More than a 100 ‘business’ related receipts were said to have been left at a building thought to be occupied by AQIM in Timbuktu earlier in 2013.  The whole concept is dubious to say the least, as we are supposed to believe that a terror organization linked to brutal beheadings, bombings and kidnappings over at the last two decades, also have - salary employees, private chefs on payroll, as well as allocated funds for dinner guests and hotels.

This type of business operation seems more akin to Westernized corporations, than that of a group in search of a Caliphate (an Islamic state led by a supreme religious as well as political leader). If Al Qaeda groups are legitimately tracking their expenses, who do those reports go to, and who is at the top funding their terror?



Britain’s Gun-running to East Africa and Somali Pirates

In Britain, business enterprises like international gun-running are mere whispers in the halls of Westminster, and remain well-hidden behind the walls of London’s infamous city state – the financial Square Mile. A new report accuses the British Government of having been caught in their own ‘Fast and Furious’ episode, shipping some 44,000 guns to East Africa in the last 15 months alone. That’s just the tip of the global iceberg. Does this also explain how all of those lovely weapons made it into the hands of rebel fighters in Libya and Syria?

In order for this river of arms to keep flowing, it’s important that a government maintain little or no oversight regarding state-sanctioned weapons trafficking. The UK’s House of Commons Arms Export Controls Committee has now admitted that the government’s Business Department, which ‘approves’ these massive weapons exports, “did not thoroughly assess where the weapons were going”.

There is a strong suggestion in this report that many of these weapons have ended up into the hands of Somalian pirates – and this is where we see the business cycle come full circle. Is there any relationship between the British government, the destabilisation of East Africa and the City of London’s insurance and trading firms? The connections run deep indeed.



The Five Dimensions of Sandy Hook

There is NO WAY the Sandy Hook (Newtown) shooting happened the way it was portrayed by the news media. What exactly happened is not clear, but it’s clear that the story that one, small, untrained poorly physically developed young man suddenly became a ninja warrior able to wield over 40 pounds of gear and numerous lethal weapons skillfully in a Rambo-like fashion absolutely did not happen. Sofia Smallstorm collects a mountain of evidence that points to a coordinated effort to stage an “event” and use it to manipulate the public…


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