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26-09-2014 10:16
Doomwatch is the best show around

31-05-2014 09:13
Missed you this week.. Happy Birthday Alex for Sunday. you misunderstood my text last week as I meanth a local broadcast audience. ie Local Bar or suchlike

04-11-2013 00:50
Fantastic first show Alex and great to hear Patrick Henningsen again

03-04-2013 21:37
Good guest this week. When is someone going to knock on the Royals' door???

20-03-2013 21:40
pass the parcel lol

Doomwatch 32 - Pete Santilli & Patrick Henningsen - On The Frontlin

Doomwatch 32 - Pete Santilli & Patrick Henningsen - On The Frontlin

Friday 4 July 2014, 6.00pm-8.00pm UK on Peterborough FM - You are invited to join host alex:g, Text Jockey Lexy Manning, and Voice of the Visuals Tom Mutiny for the 32nd edition of the radio show DOOMWATCH - our guest was Pete Santilli of the Guerilla Media Network, live from on-the-road in California.

We were also taking your phone calls on the news stories of the week as well as your texts and shoutbox comments.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to action by ATVOD, the 'Authority' for Television On Demand services in the UK, DOOMWATCH can only be watched in sound and vision LIVE by visiting www.ukcolumn.org/live



Antibiotic resistance: Cameron warns of medical 'dark ages'

Coincidence, or are the Government, and the mainstream, checking in on Doomwatch to get their stories? This one was covered in our radio show last Friday with Dr Graham Downing....

The world could soon be "cast back into the dark ages of medicine" unless action is taken to tackle the growing threat of resistance to antibiotics, Prime Minister David Cameron has said. He has announced a review into why so few anti-microbial drugs have been introduced in recent years. Economist Jim O'Neill will lead a panel including experts from science, finance, industry, and global health. It will set out plans for encouraging the development of new antibiotics.

Please note – a one day conference is in the first stage of preparations for a Sunday in early October this year in central London. The conference will tackle this issue, but also demonstrate that this could be the way to force through a whole raft of actions, including the micro-chipping of the entire population, restriction of movement across the country, and the setting-up of the UK’s own version of FEMA Camps, where dissenters will be sent, under the guise that they are a carrier of a disease...


First YouTube videos which are ‘television-like’; now it’s the downloading of podcasts

Following last week’s revelations about ATVOD, where we note the UK Column YouTube channel had been targeted by ATVOD, the ‘Authority’ for Video On Demand services, as they consider that our friends in Plymouth are in competition with the mainstream media by making ‘television-like’ shows, there appears to be a widening of the net, whether by accident or by design.

Canstream, the online media service provider from the Community Media Association specialise in delivering streaming media solutions to the voluntary and community sector, to social enterprises and to not-for-profit organisations.  They provide podcast services for many community radio stations in the UK, including Peterborough FM. Now, PPL, which licenses recorded music played in public, has been on to them to demand that direct downloads of radio shows should not be made available to the public.  Whilst the podcasts of shows can still, at the moment, be played on the website of the relevant station, they can no longer be downloaded for putting onto your MP3 player of choice, for listening where you like. So, this is a tightening of how ‘Radio On Demand’ can be used, and has been defended by PPL due to there being no commercial radio station or service provider that should be providing direct downloads in this form either. This story is developing fast, and there may yet be more to tell.


America’s P.O.W. in a Manufactured NAFTA Border War

Patrick Henningsen: Since joining the GMN double-wide RV (broadcasting studio on wheels) on May 29th in Las Vegas, we’ve reported from the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada, before cutting across Northern Arizona, over to Albuquerque, New Mexico to bear witness to the true horrors of government-run healthcare from US veterans under the hammer of a dysfunctional VA healthcare system, and then up into the mountains overlooking Alamogordo, New Mexico, to investigate first-hand another standoff between local cattle ranchers and US federal government over land and water rights. After that the tour took an unexpected turn…

After Alamogordo and leaving Las Cruces, New Mexico, the GMN research team began feeding us real time news alerts about an immigration crisis boiling over in Arizona, so we decided to make a bee line for the Greyhound bus station in Tucson, Arizona, hoping to catch the federal government dumping off refugees that night. About 100 miles west of Las Cruces at about 3pm, a small detachment of Harley steel-wheels heading west pulled up alongside the GMN bus, signalling for us to pull over. GMN radio host Pete Santilli was on driving duty and initially crowed, “Hell no. I’m not pulling over, I don’t know these guys”. As a colourful shock-jock, Pete has been known to attract all sorts of fans – and foes, and with GMN recently declared domestic terrorists (or tourists) by Nevada Senator Harry Reid, we knew the bus was a potential magnate of controversy. But Pete really seemed more concerned with keeping our timetable and making to Tucson by dark.  We and GMN’s head of security, Ken from Michigan, agreed that the riders must have recognized the GMN signage on our bus and had something important to tell us – what else would a gaggle of bikers want with an RV plastered with gorillas with guns for signage?

Not taking no for an answer, bikers pulled up alongside us in the breakdown lane pointing to a gas station off the next exit. We decided to pull off. It turns out that the bikers were led by one John Harrington – the founder of Shield Tactical, a successful firearms business out of Shiner, Texas. John told us his story and how he was hoping to gather support for his mission to bring more awareness to the plight of a US Marine who he believed is unlawfully sweating it out in a Mexican prison on a dubious cross-gun possession charge. We interviewed John on camera, edited it the next day, and the video immediately went viral on YouTube with 100,000 views in only 4 days. This led to an impromptu protest ride on 14th June with 50 Harley riders and drivers to the Tijuana crossing, and we went along for the ride with them. It was enough to attract coverage by every major San Diego broadcast network affiliate on the day, but everyone who showed up agreed that this was just a warm-up and that another bigger protest ride would have to take place on ‘Cinco de Julio’ on 5th July.

I admit I was not really up to speed on the plight of 25 year old USMC Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi. After speaking with Harrington and his crew, many details of this story became apparent very quickly. This Marine is a political football being kicked between bureaucrats in Washington DC and their equally corrupt counterparts in Mexico City.

Tahmooressi was arrested on 31st March, at the Tijuana Port of Entry into Mexico, 13 miles south of downtown San Diego, after being caught in San Ysidro’s notorious ‘magic roundabout’ where he had unintentionally crossed into Mexico. Andrew is claiming that he missed the last turn to get out – where Interstate 5 and 805 merge into 5 lanes that feed into Mexico, one of the most confusing and unforgiving bits of driving fair, where if you’re not paying attention and do not take the “Last U.S. Exit, Camino de la Plaza” off-ramp – you end up driving across the border. For those who assume that because he may have done the Tijuana crossing before, and therefore shouldn’t fall into this trap, it is still very easy to do, especially at night. It can happen to anyone. I’ve done this crossing twice before and still nearly got locked into Mexico. If not for the fact that others were in the vehicle with me who made sure I didn’t go too far, I too, would’ve had the pleasure of an accidental crossing.

The rest of the story is where things really get dicey for Andrew. Upon entry, Mexican border officers stopped him for a cursory chat and then decided to search his vehicle at a secondary station a few yards further inside Mexican customs. In his truck were three firearms in the cab: a .45 calibre pistol, an AR-15 and a 12-gauge shotgun – all legally registered to him. According to Alejandro González Guilbot, a Mexican customs officer at the Tijuana-San Ysidro border, as relayed by Vice Magazine, the firearms found were loaded and not locked and stored away as per the California penal code on transportation of firearms. “They were all just wrapped in his belongings — clothes, a blanket,” the official said. The rifle was found behind the driver’s seat, the shotgun on the passenger seat, and the pistol was in the driver-side door pocket, along with several cartridges. “They were all loaded… and ready to fire,” Gonzalez said. The same version of events was also given in a public statement by the Mexican Attorney General, and no doubt, the facts will eventually be flushed out one way or another. Unfortunately, this part of the story was omitted throughout most of the initial US media blitz led by “legal expert” Greta Van Susteran and FOX News, and these and other details may be seized upon by more liberal-leaning media outlets like MSNBC, later in this story, before or after Andrew is eventually released from Mexican custody (when is still anyone’s guess).

A number of liberal-leaning media outlets had jumped on the angle that Andrew ‘didn’t tell the truth’ when apprehended by Mexican police and that his story did not add-up due to the fact that he was being ‘coached’ by his attorney early on. For anyone naive enough to make this argument, ‘being coached’, or told to bend the truth in order to get off with a lighter sentence is in fact (and unfortunately) an hourly occurrence in any courtroom in the world. Lawyers are experts in lying and cheating justice (we have enough of them in Washington now to prove that). That’s what lawyers get paid to do, and if they advise you badly, then you fire them – and Andrew Tahmooressi has since fired his.

According to his family, Andrew had recently moved to Southern California in order to receive treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, and tried to escape custody after his apprehension in Mexico, and ended up being chained to a bed for 4 weeks. “Being tied to a bed in four-point restraints and joint manipulation restraints — like ways that a POW would be treated… it’s just ridiculous,” said fellow Marine and friend Sam Vranicar. Andrew also described, “a suicide attempt with a shattered light bulb after being punched, slapped, cursed at, deprived of water and food, and shackled to a bed with a four-point restraint in a Mexican prison”. After this made national media, Tahmooressi was transferred out of La Mesa prison and to a better facility south of the Tecate line. The inhumane treatment suffered by the Marine during his first weeks of captivity would normally be grounds alone to have him transferred back to the US, but not in this border war. For the Mexican authorities, Andrew is now a trophy, or political football, depending on which game you’re watching.

Most Americans who travel regularly to Mexico have argued that if he had enough cash on hand, he might be reporting for duty this week – as the US government boldly announced, ‘we need to let the Mexican justice system take its course’. As much as many liberal and young internationalists are trying to paint Mexican society as a beacon of justice and transparency, the truth of matter is that it didn’t get its reputation as a lethal tourist trap for nothing. Ask any American from 1970 onwards about the cash-hungry, corrupt Federales south of the border. Many, many $50 and $100 dollar bills have been passed into Mexican palms.

Unlike many other thousands making their way in and out at that time, Tahmooressi was not on a tequila sunrise mission, nor was he a flaky student on spring break. He is a decorated Marine who served two tours in Afghanistan. Although this counts for very little in the eyes of the current White House, you can’t escape the reality that it does count for a lot across for a country whose sense of patriotism has been repeatedly kicked in the teeth by a series of military-related scandals attributed to the Obama White House – the VA scandal, Benghazi, arming known Islamic foreign terrorist fighters in Syria and swapping 5 Taliban terrorists for alleged Army P.O.W. Bowe Bergdahl – who many of his own military colleagues believe was working for the other side (a story that GMN broke on the air from the Bundy Ranch), and done without the consent of Congress. Such political grievances are exactly why Andrew Tahmooressi’s story has been elevated to national status.



Whistleblower Confirms Secret Underground Base beneath Denver Int’l Airport

Who has been spending billions of dollars to construct this elaborate bunker network beneath America’s busiest Airport, complete with residential amenities, and what appears to be a fully functional Continuity of Government facility deep underground? A new DIA whistleblower has come forward to confirm many of the details of this story which were previously only speculation. This is no conspiracy theory, and here’s why…

The Denver International Airport (DIA) is nestled on a vast 53 square mile complex and is owned and operated by the City of Denver.  In fact, it’s the largest airport in the United States, in terms of land mass garnered, and the second largest airport in the world to Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd International Airport.

Some speculate that a deep underground military facility, part of the Continuity of Government (COG) program exists on the site. A massive underground city to be used by our government in the event that Washington or our central governments command hub is compromised. According to some investigative reports, including one headed up by the former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, the underground city that lies beneath the airport quite possibly connects to other deep underground military installations throughout the country.

The following are details regarding that deep underground military installation located on the grounds of the DIA as provided by a source to Intellihub:

  • Level 1 of the airport is inset into the ground to protect from vibrations coming from underneath. The base board characteristics lead on to this technical design. The employees have been told the reason for this is to protect from vibrations from the public train that leads back and forth to all concourses, A, B, and C.
  • The airport’s gate and door numbers correspond to emergency action and response plans that indicate specific details to people “in the know”.
  • The design of the airport is built to throw people off, as levels are labelled differently on each in some cases and grading changes make it difficult to pinpoint your actual elevation. This was a security feature added by the designers.
  • Due to lawsuits (or potential staged events) in the “United Airlines, Inc.” section of one of the basement levels at DIA, an infectious bio-hazard or fungal outbreak has instigated quarantined-off areas of the underground, as they are now inaccessible to the airport staff and personnel. The quarantined section of the underground was confirmed by the source to be located in Concourse B’s East side lower levels.
  • The landfill located off of Tower Road. two miles west of the Jeppesen Terminal was added onto in the early 2000′s despite the airports appeal to the District Court against the landfill in 2002, claiming it was a FAA safety hazard. The landfill has a functioning element to it but is “mocked-up” to look like a landfill hidden in plain sight.
  • There is a militarized intermediary entrance located in the “United Airlines” section of the underground. The actual door number was revealed by an Intellihub source with great hesitation. The actual door code is “BE64B” unknown until now to the general public…
  •  A swift door will also allow access to the intermediary entrance of the facility if you have the proper “speed-pass” clearance on a Department of Defense (DOD) level. This door was also a secret to the general public until now. The actual door number is “T-47 M” located on the level 4 exterior. Update: Airport Staff, “I just went in to T47-M… nothing goes down, no steps, no elevator”.
  • The dirt in parts of the train tunnels looks unnatural, and “if anyone steps on it they know”, said my source.
  • Gates can “lock-down” certain sections of the airport in the event of an emergency.
  •  A nearly 3 mile long tunnel heads out from the intermediary entrance “BE64B“, to a full-blown Department of Defense (DOD) sanctioned militarized entrance nestled in a set of 5 buildings 120′ beneath the surface located Northeast of the Jeppesen Terminal.



Andy Coulson jailed for 18 months for conspiracy to hack phones

The 46-year-old was found guilty last week of conspiring to intercept voicemails at the now-defunct Sunday tabloid following an eight-month trial at the Old Bailey.

The offence carries a maximum sentence of two years' imprisonment, but Coulson received a ‘discount’ of several months for his previous good character. He could be out in less than nine months because, as a non-violent offender, he is required to serve just half his sentence. Mr Justice Saunders told the court the evidence heard in the trial revealed that Coulson clearly thought it was necessary to use phone hacking to maintain the News of the World's "competitive edge".

He said the paper's delay in telling police about hacking the voicemail of the missing Surrey schoolgirl Milly Dowler in 2002 showed the motivation was to "take credit for finding her" and sell the maximum number of newspapers. Saunders said: "Mr Coulson has to take the major share for the blame of phone hacking at the News of the World. He knew about it, he encouraged it when he should have stopped it."

David Cameron, who employed Coulson as his director of communications after he left the News of the World, said the jail sentence showed that "no-one is above the law". Asked about the outcome on a visit to Scotland, the prime minister said: "Well, what it says is that it is right that justice should be done and no one is above the law, which is what I have always said."

In which case, we welcome the full investigation into the missing Westminster Paedophile document folder, and the convictions which must surely follow...



Google searches for ‘Leon Brittan’ and ‘PIE’ censored after Cease and Desist notice

Official efforts to cover up a VIP paedophile ring at the heart of the UK political establishment shamelessly goes on unabated. If you Google (on google.co.uk) the terms ‘Leon Brittan’ and ‘PIE’ (Paedophile Information Exchange) you’ll find this message from Google (at the bottom of the first page of results): “In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed 2 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read more about the request at ChillingEffects.org”.

According to that website, the censoring is because an official Cease and Desist order was sent to Google who had a legal obligation to remove some of the results. This comes after former Tory Home Secretary Leon Brittan admitted this week that he lied last year to a Channel 4 journalist, about a detailed dossier on a VIP paedophile ring he was handed in the 1980s which was then promptly lost.



MPs consider naming paedophile suspects in Parliament

A former minister has revealed he is prepared to use Parliamentary privilege to name suspected paedophiles. Tim Loughton, the former children’s minister, said he is considering the deploying the “nuclear option” of naming members of a suspected Westminster paedophile ring on the floor of the House of Commons. Under a British constitutional convention, comments made in parliament are protected from libel action.

Details of the alleged network running through Whitehall and Parliament were contained in a dossier that was passed by Geoffery Dickens, a Tory MP, to Leon Brittan, then the Home Secretary. Lord Brittan has confirmed he received a “substantial bundle of papers” but the Home Office has admitted the papers were lost or destroyed.

Some 130 MPs have backed a full parliamentary inquiry into allegations of a paedophilia ring in Westminster. It will encourage other alleged victims to come forward and establish why the Dickens dossier of alleged abuse disappeared, Mr Loughton said.



Fury as banks send Wonga-style legal threats to customers

Barclays, Lloyds, Halifax, RBS and HSBC are among firms who have sent customers letters that look like they are from outside firms when they are not. The letters appear to be designed to put pressure on customers by making them believe requests for debt repayments have been passed on to third parties. Energy giant Scottish Power and Anglian Water, which supplies families in the East of England, are also using the letters.

A major row erupted last week when it was revealed that payday loan giant Wonga had made up the names of two firms to harass people who were behind on loan repayments. The firm was ordered by the City watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to pay £2.6million in compensation to the 45,000 people affected.

The City of London police are investigating whether Wonga has broken one of several laws, ranging from the Theft Act to the Administration of Justice Act, which covers the harassment of debtors.

It later emerged the Student Loan Company was using the same tactic to chase graduates for their student loans, and it can now be revealed that the threatening tactics go well beyond the ‘legal loan sharks’ such as Wonga, with a string of household names using the controversial ploy.

Barclays has been using the name Mercers Debt Collections, while Lloyds, which is part-owned by the taxpayer, has used Sechiari, Clarke and Mitchell Solicitors, which is actually its in-house legal department. Its subsidiary, Halifax Bank of Scotland, has used the name Blair, Oliver & Scott to chase debts. Anglian Water created a brand called Frontier Debt Collections to pressure people into paying up.



UK terror alert: body searches at British airports

Holidaymakers face invasive physical checks and lengthy delays at Britain’s airports amid fears that jihadists returning from Iraq and Syria plan to target transatlantic flights with laptop explosives and “body bombs”. A tough new security regime was imposed on passengers after American intelligence suggested that al-Qaeda was plotting to use Western fanatics to bring down a US-bound plane.

Travellers at Heathrow were subjected to “vigorous” body searches and clothing and shoes were swabbed for traces of explosive. Passengers were ordered to switch on laptops, mobile phones and other electronic devices, and bags were taking twice as long to pass through scanners, according to reports. Passengers boarding American-bound planes were understood to have undergone a second round of checks before boarding their flights.

A memo sent to all airports by the Department of Transport urged staff to enhance checks, with laptops subject to particular scrutiny. David Cameron said the safety of passengers “must come first” while Nick Clegg, his deputy, warned travellers that the new checks would be a permanent feature. It is feared that the measures will lead to a summer of long queues and delays for holidaymakers, just weeks after the chaos surrounding the passport applications backlog.

Airport security was stepped up across the UK, the US and other countries amid fears that al-Qaeda bomb experts have successfully designed an explosive that can bypass current checks. It is feared that Western jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq, including hundreds of Britons, have been recruited as would-be suicide bombers.

Intelligence suggests that al-Qaeda in Yemen, known as al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), and specifically its master bomb maker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, have linked up with the Jabhat al-Nusra jihadists in Syria and passed on bomb-making skills. It was unclear whether the suspected new explosive could be deployed in an electronic item such as a laptop, soaked on clothing or surgically implanted in a bomber. All such techniques have been tried by Asiri in the past.



Establishment Pushing “Cashless Society” to Control Humanity

The global establishment is increasingly pushing the notion of what it calls a “cashless society” — a world in which all payments and transactions would be conducted electronically, creating a permanent record for governments to inspect and track at will. Multiple governments from Africa and Asia to Europe and the Americas are explicitly working toward that goal, and in recent months, even more have joined the effort. Powerful globalist forces and organizations including the United Nations are helping, too. However, analysts are warning that the implications of such a shift would be nightmarish for liberty and privacy. 

Proponents of the government-enforced move away from physical currency cite a wide array of potential real and imagined benefits. Among them: possible reductions in armed robbery, tax evasion, black-market commerce, the cost of printing and securing physical cash, and more. Critics, though, are warning of the dangerous and Orwellian schemes that could be unleashed in a world where out-of-control governments can monitor literally every purchase, transaction, and bit of economic activity. In light of the recently exposed NSA snooping scandal, the possibilities for abuse and total surveillance are more than hypothetical, obviously.

As the supposed “debate” on the alleged merits of the controversial plot rages on, more than a few governments and central banks are already working hard to reduce reliance on cash among citizens and businesses. The end goal, as they openly admit, is an ultimate end to all cash transactions, supposedly ushering in a wonderful world of safety and flourishing digital commerce. The darker side is rarely discussed, but as the move toward a “cashless society” accelerates, critics are increasingly sounding the alarm.

Of course, advocates of abolishing cash have tried to portray the scheme as a natural and organic phenomenon driven largely on its own — a sort of “evolution” in human society, perhaps. In a July 2 propaganda feature by CNN, the “news” outfit even included a graphic purporting to show “The Evolution of a Cashless Society,” highlighting how far along each country is on the road to abolishing cash entirely. Apparently the United States is at a “tipping point” while Canada, Belgium, France, Sweden, and others are “almost cashless.” Other countries are either at the “inception” or “transitioning.”

In reality, though, the “trends” are hardly taking place on their own. Big Business has played a major role. Governments, meanwhile, are largely driving the plot with taxpayer funding. Controversial and deep-pocketed mega-foundations are helping to bankroll it all and build some semblance of public support. In September of 2012, for example, the Ford Foundation, which funds everything from “reproductive justice” to “sustainable development” schemes, unveiled what it called its “Better Than Cash Alliance.”

On its website, the scheme is described thus: “The Better Than Cash Alliance partners with governments, the development community and the private sector to empower people by shifting from cash to electronic payments.” Among the organizations involved in the radical partnership are the CIA-linked Ford Foundation, the American taxpayer-funded U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, bailed-out mega-bank Citi, credit card giant Visa, and more.

The United Nations is also at the heart of the plot, with the UN Capital Development Fund serving as the alliance’s “secretariat.” Other UN outfits involved in the scheme include the World Food Programme and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Several governments and official agencies are listed on the alliance’s website, too, including authorities in Malawi, Colombia, Kenya, Afghanistan, Peru, and the Philippines. Some nominally private aid agencies are also involved. 

A key tactic in the scheme involves having partner regimes deliver welfare electronically. “We believe technology is a central tool in our collective efforts to broaden economic, social and political opportunity to even the poorest and most marginalized people,” said Ford Foundation boss Luis Ubiñas in announcing the anti-cash alliance. “Moving the public, private and development sector from cash to electronic payments is the first step in helping families not only to gain access to a formal financial system, but to save and build permanent financial assets.”


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