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26-09-2014 10:16
Doomwatch is the best show around

31-05-2014 09:13
Missed you this week.. Happy Birthday Alex for Sunday. you misunderstood my text last week as I meanth a local broadcast audience. ie Local Bar or suchlike

04-11-2013 00:50
Fantastic first show Alex and great to hear Patrick Henningsen again

03-04-2013 21:37
Good guest this week. When is someone going to knock on the Royals' door???

20-03-2013 21:40
pass the parcel lol

Doomwatch 34 - Neil Sanders - Media Mind Control

Doomwatch 34 - Neil Sanders - Media Mind Control

Friday 18 July 2014, 6.00pm-8.00pm UK on Peterborough FM - You are invited to join host alex:g, Text Jockey Lexy Manning, and Voice of the Visuals Tom Mutiny for the 34th edition of the radio show DOOMWATCH - our guest will be Neil Sanders - talking about Media Manipulation through Mind Control.

Neil will be helping us to analyse some of the news stories or the week.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to action by ATVOD, the 'Authority' for Television On Demand services in the UK, DOOMWATCH can only be watched in sound and vision LIVE by visiting www.ukcolumn.org/live.



MH17 crash: Aids researchers heading to Melbourne believed among dead

Delegates to a key Aids conference in Australia are believed to have been on board the Malaysia Airlines plane that has crashed in Ukraine. Scientists, researchers and other professionals were on their way to Aids 2014, the 20th international Aids conference in Melbourne. The event, to be held between 20 and 25 July, will feature former US president Bill Clinton and activist Bob Geldof.

The International Aids Society, which convenes the conference, expressed its “sincere sadness” at reports that delegates were on board. It said: “At this incredibly sad and sensitive time the IAS stands with our international family and sends condolences to the loved ones of those who have been lost to this tragedy. The IAS is hearing unconfirmed reports that some of our friends and colleagues were on board the flight and if that is the case this is a truly sad day.”


New 'Snooping' Law 'Needed To Keep UK Safe'

MI5 and the police will be able to read people's emails and listen to people's mobile phone conversations under emergency laws, David Cameron has said. The Prime Minister said the measures were needed to "maintain powers to help keep us safe from those who would harm UK citizens", which was essential given the threat from unrest in Syria and Iraq. The laws will mean internet firms and other companies will be required to store data on "who contacted whom and when" for 12 months.

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat, had previously been staunchly against a ‘Snoopers charter’ but has now changed his mind.



Amazon Asks Permission For Drone Deliveries

Amazon has officially asked the US aviation authorities for permission to use drones as part of its plan to deliver packages to customers in half an hour or less. The online retailer made the request in a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration. The company said it was developing aerial vehicles as part of an "Amazon Prime Air" service. The aircraft would be able to travel 50mph and carry loads of up to 5lb (2.2kg). Amazon created a huge stir in December when it outlined the ambitious plan.



TV That Can Roll Up Into 3cm Tube Unveiled

LG has unveiled an 18-inch TV panel that can be rolled into a tube measuring just 3cm across. The company says it is the latest step towards creating a fully rollable 60-inch ultra-HD screen by 2017. Screens that can be flexed are not new, but the size of LG's latest offering is significant. The screen continues to operate as it is rolled up, and the company says its performance is unaffected.

Research and development chief In-Byung Kang said: "We are confident that by 2017, we will successfully develop an Ultra HD flexible and transparent OLED panel of more than 60 inches."




The UK’s renowned and longest-running ‘alternative’ conference, The Glastonbury Symposium, has its 24th event from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 July 2014. 

For three days from morning to night, delegates from all over the world will gather in a richly-decorated and colourfully lit Glastonbury Town Hall to hear an international cast of speakers investigate everything from unexplained phenomena, key truth issues and global cover-ups, to sideways views on up-to-the-minute social and political shifts, self-empowerment and consciousness research.

Held in the unique setting of this famous Somerset town and its environs, over the last two and half decades the Glastonbury Symposium has won itself a reputation as the best and most balanced forum for topics which don’t always make it into the mainstream, but which fascinate a large and unsung pool of keen aficionados.

Andy Thomas, well-known mysteries author and co-MC for the Symposium, says: “The event’s subtitle is ‘Exploring Truth, Mysteries and New Frontiers’, and that is what it tries to do – give people a chance to gather under the same roof to explore many different areas that an increasing number of people feel are important to the world today but which don’t get the coverage they deserve. Reading this material on the internet is one thing, but to hear it discussed under one roof while socialising with like-minded others in an intensive and magical atmosphere is an irreplaceable experience for our audiences.”

The Glastonbury Symposium can be attended for the whole weekend or for individual days (and individual lectures, if seats are available). Find out more at:  www.glastonburysymposium.co.uk or phone 01278 72200001278 722000 .


Why was Scottish Savile ignored?

Dr Sarah Nelson revealed five years ago that she had uncovered an abuse network centred on convicted sex abuser Tam Paton, the late manager of the Bay City Rollers. However, her demands for an inquiry were never followed up - despite compelling evidence that dozens of boys may have had their lives ruined by the twisted pop svengali and his powerful accomplices. Young runaways or children in care were lured in, drugged and then sexually abused. Many were then forced to work as 'rent boys' at a number of seedy secret flats across the Capital.

The paedophile ring is thought to have operated over several decades and to have included, at one time or another, well-known TV personalities, lawyers and police officers. Victims were forced to stay quiet by a fear of reprisals, with at least one murder of a young man rumoured to have been carried out by the network. In a chilling echo of the abuse scandal currently rocking Westminster, it now appears that a dossier of Scottish paedophiles with links to Paton was prepared in 1982 - but never made public.

In 2004, Dr Nelson carried out a study into adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse on behalf of NHS Lothian - and was stunned to hear so many allegations against Paton. Her report detailed the existence of a paedophile ring operating across the region, which had resulted in many damaged young men ending up in prison or dying from drug overdoses. Obtained by the Scottish Sunday Express, it states: "One criminal justice (social work) team reported work with a number of 18-25 year olds, most of whom had been in jail and who disclosed, while reflecting on their violent behaviour or drug misuse, that they had earlier been abused by a particular paedophile ring.

"As workers talked to each other and with staff like homeless workers, they realised that other male clients had been abused in the same way." In 2009, Dr Nelson carried out a follow-up study and again came across a substantial number of Paton's alleged victims. The age of the victims indicates that Paton's crimes may have continued well into new millennium.

The University of Edinburgh researcher said: "I have also worked in this field for a long time and I have heard longstanding claims that very vulnerable boys and young men were not only sexually abused by Tam Paton but also that there was a paedophile ring in existence. I also heard allegations that some homeless boys were placed in flats in Edinburgh for the purposes of prostitution. Both studies involved young men in the criminal justice system who revealed over time they had been abused by Tam Paton and others.

"These were very, very damaged individuals who had been inveigled into crime as part of this, so they were very reluctant to come forward. They were ashamed to have been abused and they also feared getting into further trouble with the law. It is fair to say they were the most damaged young men I ever worked with. The feeling at the time was that this was so blatant and so obvious that there were suspicions he was being protected in high places."

She added: "The boys were frightened, there was an atmosphere of fear around these boys of young men. It is not usually fear that holds them back it is embarrassment and shame, but these young men were frightened of retaliation."

In 2003, Paton was questioned by Surrey Police over historic abuse allegations dating back to the 1970s but the investigation was dropped. The following year he was convicted of supplying cannabis and fined £200,000 after two police raids uncovered drugs worth £26,000 at his house. He was also investigated over claims he raped Rollers guitarist Pat McGlynn in a hotel room in 1977 but police said there was "insufficient evidence" to bring charges. After his death, Rollers singer Les McKeown also claimed he had been raped by Paton and said: "I can't imagine a man nor beast who will be mourning his passing."



'Will buried Dunblane files reveal a sinister cover-up?'

Frederick Forsyth, The Express: Hardly a week goes by without another iconic individual being exposed or cyber police tracing networks of online perverts who want to watch and presumably gloat.  The idea that this is a victimless activity, “I was only looking at images”, is rubbish. These libraries of filth, pain, humiliation, even torture, have to be ordered and paid for.  That enables others to set up the studios, groom the children and film the obscenities that then occur. If no one paid for bread there would be no farmers growing wheat.

The fact that the high and mighty are in no way immune to this vice means that when they are threatened with exposure immensely powerful forces are brought to bear to accomplish a high-level cover-up. This seems to have happened in the case of the list of names handed to the Home Office years ago by the late Geoffrey Dickens, MP. It just vanished.

But the strangest cover-up I have ever witnessed (or suspected because it was highly successful) concerned what liaisons and practices lay behind the Dunblane massacre of 1996.  We were all told to believe that a single psychopath, Thomas Hamilton, with a private armoury, stalked into a kindergarten in a Scottish village, murdered 16 children and one teacher, then shot himself. So sad.

Senior Scottish lawyer Lord Cullen was asked to prepare an investigation and report. He did both. It was one of the weirdest documents the Scottish establishment has ever produced; not because of what it said but what it refused to ask or investigate.  Lord Cullen apparently held 100 hearings in public then six crucial ones in private. He decreed his report should be buried for 100 years.  But that is longer than our nuclear secrets have to remain confidential. So what did those last six witnesses reveal?

Others came forward, not summoned, never heard by officialdom, to allege Hamilton was a practising pervert and pederast.  That he had free access to a nearby boys’ boarding school and could be seen prowling the dormitories after lights out.  That he was the “trawler” for likely boys for a ring of extremely senior figures including police chiefs, lawyers, judges and Freemasons, plus very senior figures in Scottish Labour.

Witnesses disappeared, changed their minds. Editors about to assign investigative reporters were advised that would be most unwise.  The village bobby of Dunblane was transferred so far north he was practically waist deep in the North Sea.  If cover-up it was, and I have not the slightest doubt, it remains one of the most successful ever.

Officially it remains a case of a single psychopath, with guns he should never have had, who sort of went doolally and committed mass murder.  But why? Don’t ask. What about that boys’ school? Don’t ask. Why did so many close to the scene become Trappists? Don’t ask. And why was the Cullen Report buried for 100 years? There above all, don’t ask.



Maddie witness overheard sinister comment about disposing of a body

Express EXCLUSIVE: A BRITISH woman has told Scotland Yard detectives seeking Madeleine McCann that she overheard a conversation in which a man said: “Why did you bring her here? Now we will have to dispose of the body.” The potential key witness has been interviewed several times in Britain and used to live almost opposite apartment 5a of the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz on the Algarve, from where Madeleine, three, was taken on May 3, 2007.

The Sunday Express understands the comment was heard several hundred yards from the Ocean Club in a residential area towards the seafront. The woman gave an interview to Portuguese detectives 13 days after the disappearance but the report on the informal interview does not mention her overhearing a conversation about disposing of a body.

However, in April 2008 the woman made a further statement in which she recounted hearing the astonishing comment, saying she heard it days after the abduction. She also claimed that the owner of a pub in Luz was called by a woman shortly after the disappearance who said she had overheard the comment about getting rid of a body. The Sunday Express understands the owner of the bar has been interviewed but cannot recall the conversation.

The woman has since returned to Britain with her child and is living in the Home Counties. When contacted by the Sunday Express, the woman, who we are choosing not to name to safeguard the investigation, said: “I do not want to say anything.” Last month Scotland Yard detectives shadowed three searches of wasteland near the Ocean Club but no obvious clues were found. Some materials gathered in the search were sent for forensic examination but officers were not hopeful of a breakthrough in the investigation.



Companies House digital data free of charge

Companies House is to make all of its digital data available free of charge as part of government moves to improve corporate transparency by offering an open register of business information. There is normally a £1 charge for each electronic document, so the fact that they will be free, makes it less expensive to investigate companies. Researching a potential employer, prior to an interview, where it is not a plc, and to get a handle on who’s behind a company, and what its links are.



ATVOD Non-Executive Non-Independent Board Members

Situations vacant: “We are seeking two non-independent Members of ATVOD – people engaged in the video on demand industry and employed by a provider of an on-demand programme service notified to ATVOD.

“We welcome applications for either position from any candidate who meets the person specification.  As ATVOD is seeking to maintain an appropriate balance of skills on the Board, we are particularly keen to receive applications from those able to provide legal expertise.”

Person specification - (e). Sound judgement. The successful applicant must have the ability to exercise discretion effectively and consistently, to work within the statutory framework, to apply ATVOD’s policies and follow its guidance, whilst being able to differentiate and weigh up competing arguments and draw sound conclusions capable of justification under close scrutiny.

(f). Decision making. The member will be able to contribute to important ATVOD decisions on sensitive matters in a timely fashion, often in a “virtual” forum.

(g). Fairness. The appointee must be open-minded and objective and have the ability to recognise conflicts or potential conflicts of interest and declare them. The appointee must also have the ability to apply rules and standards, make judgments free from bias and deal impartially with all matters raised before the board.

The closing date for applications is noon on 29 August 2014. Applicants should submit a letter of application setting out the basis of their interest in the role and evidence of how they meet the competencies, accompanied by a CV by e-mail to Susan Robinson (sr@atvod.co.uk).



Lana Del Rey Says She Wants to Join the 27 Club

Vigilant Citizen: In an interview with The Guardian, Lana Del Rey said: “I wish I was dead already”, citing Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain as heroes. Both of them died at age 27. While this worrying statement might be a sick way to gain publicity and consolidate her “dark and edgy” aura, it is also representative of what the “Lana Del Rey persona” is about : Sex Kitten Programming.

After a failed attempt to launch a musical career as Lizzie Grant, the singer underwent a “re-tooling” period where she got a new name, a new persona and a rumored plastic surgery to then re-emerge as Lana Del Rey. She then signed with Interscope Records – home of countless other Mind Control-themed artists. Her second album Born to Die was received with great enthusiasm by her fans and heavy criticism by her detractors who claim she is “fake”. Going beyond the “real or fake” debate, a common thread found across her work is MK Ultra and Beta Programming.

Her third album is entitled Ultraviolence, which is a reference to Stanley Kubrick’s classic movie A Clockwork Orange. In the movie, ultra-violence refers to the Alex DeLarge’s favorite pastime: Getting intoxicated, sadistically beating up innocent people and raping women. Alex is “cured” by the Minister of the Interior with “aversion therapy” which include mind control techniques such as drugging the subject, strapping him to a chair, propping his eyelids open, and forcing him to watch images of violence. Was “ultra” in the word “ultra-violence” a way for Kubrick to reference MK-Ultra?

The subject matter in her new album is a continuation of her Beta Slave persona. For example, in the title track Ultraviolence, Lana sings “you’re my cult leader” to her abuser; In the song F***** My Way Up to the Top, Lana pretty much describes what entertainment industry Kittens are about.

In my article entitled, Amy Winehouse and Club 27 I explained how Amy Winehouse’s death was extremely suspicious, and how the Club 27 phenomenon is accentuated because many industry victims get “shut down” at around the age of 30. The fact that Lana Del Rey sees “glamour” in this almost makes one wonder if she was programmed to believe that.



What is Happening to Shia LaBeouf?

In the past few months, Shia LaBeouf has made strange public appearances, acted “erratically” and even got himself arrested for “criminal trespass, harassment and disorderly conduct”. Is Shia’s “meltdown” yet another case of a celebrity MK breakdown?

On June 26, Shia LaBeouf was arrested after being kicked out of a Broadway musical. He was reportedly so disruptive that he was hauled out of the theatre and taken to jail. Witnesses stated that he was smoking inside the theatre, slapping random strangers on the rear end, and spitting at the police officers, which caused him to be placed in a face mask. Hours before, Shia was spotted yelling at a homeless man, claiming he stole his hat. Onlookers stated that Shia “did not make sense” and “seemed out of it” – an expression that can describe someone who has dissociated.

While we all have our bad days, Shia has been making the news for all kinds of strange reasons in the past few months and years – including being arrested for refusing to leave a drug store and head-butting a man in a bar in London. In February, Shia appeared at the Berlinale International Film Festival with a bag over his said saying “I am not famous anymore”.

Was the “paper bag” incident actually a sick way for his handlers to humiliate him, perhaps to show that his career is purposely being destroyed? The bag incident occurred immediately after he stormed out of a news conference for the movie Nymphomaniac: Volume I, where he answered one question with a quote from French soccer player Eric Cantona: “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Thank you very much.”

Is Shia LaBeouf’s pattern of strange and humiliating incidents an MK “meltdown”, similar to what happened to Britney Spears  and Amanda Bynes? Like other celebrities in the MK system, programming breakdowns often appear around the age of 30.




More Doomwatch next week, on 25 July – where Lou Collins of the UK Column will be our guest, tackling many aspects of the various paedophile scandals, and what has been happening to whistleblowers when they step forward to tell their stories.

On 1 August, our guest is Marcus Allen of Nexus magazine. As mentioned within our interview with Andy Thomas last week, a major article in the August/September issue of Nexus Magazine looks at a return to the Moon.  Or rather not, as the technology to do so does not appear to exist any more... Odd that, seeing how easy it was apparently back in the 1960s.  The article is written using information from NASA and US Government documents and makes a compelling case as to whether anyone has actually been to the Moon at all. This will be an extremely topical, as it will be on the day after the publication of the magazine.

We’ll be taking a Summer Break on 8 August and 15 August.

And then, 22 August, plans are afoot for us to be live at the Peterborough Beer Festival. Be afraid, be VERY afraid!

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