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26-09-2014 10:16
Doomwatch is the best show around

31-05-2014 09:13
Missed you this week.. Happy Birthday Alex for Sunday. you misunderstood my text last week as I meanth a local broadcast audience. ie Local Bar or suchlike

04-11-2013 00:50
Fantastic first show Alex and great to hear Patrick Henningsen again

03-04-2013 21:37
Good guest this week. When is someone going to knock on the Royals' door???

20-03-2013 21:40
pass the parcel lol

Doomwatch 40 - Dr Graham Downing - Launch of Your Constitution - Your Health

Doomwatch 40 - Dr Graham Downing - Launch of Your Constitution - Your Health

Friday 12th September 2014, 6.00pm-8.00pm UK on Peterborough FM

You are invited to join host alex:g and Text Jockey Lexy Manning for the 40th edition of the radio show DOOMWATCH.  The usual mix of news stories, comment and audience interaction, with special guest Dr Graham Downing.

He will be helping us launch the forthcoming "Your Constitution - Your Health" weekend conference, including more announcements of speakers who will be attending this partnership of two one-day events over the weekend of 1st and 2nd November 2014 at the Ramada Birmingham-Sutton Coldfield Hotel.

This is the first time Doomwatch has stepped into the realm of organising a conference, "Your Health - Seven Keys to Survival in a Post-Antibiotic World", with thanks to the sterling efforts of Dr Graham Downing, we already have a list of international speakers on-board.

This Sunday event is partnered with Saturday's "Your Constitution - The Day the UK Stood Still" from the British Constitution Group.  Come along to one, or save by attending both days - the choice is yours!

You can get further information, and book for either or both days of the conference, as well as getting a smart deal on B&B accommodation, by visiting:



Labour can't win without its band of Scots MPs: A Yes vote next week would spell crisis for Miliband government

On Wednesday, David Cameron said many people had told him the Conservatives would do better at Westminster if the Scots vote for independence. Analysis of opinion polls and election results since 1945 shows that this is indisputably true.

In 2010, the 41 seats won by Labour north of the border denied Mr Cameron an outright victory and forced him into Coalition with Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats. In Scotland, the Tories won just one seat. Across the rest of the UK, the Tories were elected in 52 per cent of constituencies. A poll of polls for the Independent newspaper, published this week, suggests the Scots’ impact on the 2015 General Election will be equally significant.

With Scotland, Ed Miliband is on course to secure a majority of 32 seats in the Commons. This includes winning 46 of the 59 Scottish seats. But, if these seats are excluded, there would be a hung parliament, with Labour three seats short of a majority.



MPs claim record expenses

Twenty more MPs put family members on their taxpayer-funded payroll last year despite a public outcry over abuse of the expenses system. A total of 170 MPs employed relations, at a cost of more than £4 million. The previous year, 150 MPs had family members on the payroll. The bill for MPs’ expenses reached record levels last year, as more politicians put spouses and children on the public payroll. MPs’ staff, travel and accommodation costs reached £103 million last year, up from £99 million the previous year and £95 million in 2009.

After the expenses scandal in 2009, the Committee on Standards in Public Life called for employing relations in Parliament to be banned. But it was overruled after protests. MPs can employ family members on salaries of up to £50,000 a year.



Judge Poisoned after Ruling Bank Foreclosure is Illegal and All Mortgages are Null and Void

I would like to devote this hub page to is referred to as the "Credit River Decision" or the case of Jerome Daly vs the state of Wisconsin. In this case Jerome Daly defended himself against a lawsuit brought by a bank holding the mortgage on his house. Mr. Daly had defaulted on the mortgage and the bank was suing to foreclose and take his house.

Unfortunately for the bank, even thought it was 1969 and all good little citizens were doing as they were told, never daring to question any kind of authority, Mr Daly was well educated in the way banks create money. Mr Daly knew that when a bank makes a loan, it instantly creates money by the stroke of a pen in a ledger, which then is transferred to the borrower's account. (and of course the borrower has to pay back the loan with real money...plus interest. This, of course is the BIG problem simply stated). Mr Daly, also being a lawyer knew very well about the "Law of Consideration" meaning, essentially, that a contract was null and void if both parties are not exchanging something of inherent value.

Mr Daly argued, and somehow got the bank to admit, that they created the money with a stroke of a pen at the time of the loan (and that there was no actual official law empowering them to do so.) Since the bank did not "put up" anything of value (other than the ink from the pen) for Mr. Daly's home mortgage, there was no consideration, therefore the mortgage agreement was null and void.

Justice Martin V Mahoney ruled against the bank and denied the foreclosure. Mr Daly kept his house and paid no more mortgage. Six months later Justice Mahoney was found dead (allegedly by poison) and Mr. Daly was disbarred and never practiced law again.



Medical doctor questions ebola 'hysteria'

Thanks to movies like Outbreak and Contagion - most people have scary visions of medical disasters, disease outbreaks, quarantined conditions, martial law and people dying everywhere from a horrific (uncontrollable) virus. Naturally, the 'solution' always seems to come in the form of a vaccine - at the last minute of a movie - to save the day.

Of course, the mainstream media has promoted ebola 'hysteria' - without the much needed scientific detail. And, public health officials have failed miserably at properly informing the public about how to prevent infectious diseases, of all kinds, utilizing relatively inexpensive, available immune-boosting substances.

Before we talk about a solution, it's important to ask: why are people vulnerable to the ebola virus? According to Dr Tom Levy, "ebola is really an ordinary virus that causes extraordinary pathology in people with a poor nutritional status and a lack of significant antioxidant stores in their bodies."



Map of preventable disease outbreaks shows the influence of anti-vaccination movements

The Council of Foreign Relations Global Health Program started tracking news reports about vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks late in 2008. It has now produced an interactive map that shows that data, tracking the number of recorded cases of diseases such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough across the world between 2008 and 2014. The results show a surprising number of vaccine-preventable diseases in developed countries with access to vaccinations.

In the UK, the MMR vaccine is available through the National Health Service. But the MMR vaccine was also the focus of an infamous study by Andrew Wakefield, who suggested that the vaccine had a link to the development of autism. Although the study was discredited, and Wakefield — who was reportedly planning to personally profit from a projected decline in MMR vaccinations — was struck off the British Medical Register, his baseless hypothesis pervaded public consciousness, and the country saw a decline in vaccination rates. More recently, a similar anti-vaccine standpoint has been taken by celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy in the United States. McCarthy's claim, that vaccines contain "toxins," is less specific than Wakefield's false findings, but also contributed to the misinformation about immunisation, leading to a rise in preventable diseases in the US and other countries, such as Australia.



Number of Ebola cases is 'increasing exponentially,' World Health Organization warns

The Ebola crisis has taken a major turn for the worse as the World Health Organization (WHO) announces that the number of infected individuals is now "increasing exponentially." The uptick is particularly concerning in Liberia, where the international agency says the worst is yet to come.

Among the 4,269 known cases of Ebola in West Africa, nearly 2,300, a little over half, have resulted in death. And roughly half of these deaths have occurred in Liberia, according to the United Nations, with the rest reportedly hailing from nearby Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria.



Martial law: Sierra Leone orders citizens to stay confined to homes for three days to combat Ebola spread

In Sierra Leone, authorities recently ordered people to remain inside their homes for three days later this month, ostensibly in a bid to shut down the spread of the virus, which has now killed nearly 2,300 people all across West Africa.

Abdulai Bayratay, a government spokesman, told The Associated Press that the government is ordering people to remain inside their houses on Sept. 19, 20 and 21. Those dates were chosen to allow people time to get what they needed -- food, medicines and other provisions -- ahead of the government's movement ban.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/046821_Ebola_martial_law_Sierra_Leone.html


Woman's 'Healing Powers' Claim Caused Deadly Virus' Spread From Guinea

The World Health Organisation issued a statement warning people not to turn to alternative medicine, saying: "Another source of public misunderstanding, especially in affected areas, comes from rumours on social media claiming that certain products or practices can prevent or cure Ebola virus disease.

"Decades of scientific research have failed to find a curative or preventive agent of proven safety and effectiveness in humans, though a number of promising products are currently under development. All rumours of any other effective products or practices are false. Their use can be dangerous. In Nigeria, for example, at least two people have died after drinking salt water, rumoured to be protective. The most effective personal behaviours are avoiding well-known high-risk situations, knowing the symptoms of infection, and reporting early for testing and care."

The use of homeopathy and alternative medicine to treat Ebola was called into question after a blog post appearing on the website Natural News suggested the virus could be treated with a "make your own Ebola remedy".

According to The Independent, blog author Ken Oftedal wrote: "With dangerous large-scale epidemics, such as Ebola could turn out to be, the medical establishment is more often than not caught unprepared, as vaccines and/or successful treatment take time to develop and the logistics involved in distribution can be insurmountable. Therefore, you may be left to your own devices, in which case alternative self-treatment, in particular, homeopathy, would be your only hope of survival."

Natural News later deleted the article and said it would be investigating the author in question: "Natural News does not condone any member of the public attempting to interact with Ebola, a very hazardous biological threat," it told the newspaper.

However, Natural News is still featuring an article describing how Ebola infections can be prevented by using herbal medicines and alternative therapies, written by the site's founder, "health freedom activist" Mike Adams.



Ebola vaccine being fast-tracked as Obama signs executive order for quarantine

What we are really witnessing right now with the Ebola outbreak is a push to fast-track Ebola vaccines in the USA in preparation for a mandatory vaccination campaign combined with a "gunpoint quarantine" operation backed up by a new executive order just signed by Obama.

That executive order says the federal government can forcibly detain and quarantine any individual who merely shows "symptoms" of a respiratory illness. Such symptoms include coughing, by the way. Under this new executive order, if you merely cough in public, you can be taken away and placed in a FEMA quarantine facility where you will most certainly be infected by the sick people they throw you in with.



Hospitals prepare for Ebola while underscoring low risk

Hospitals throughout Southern California are preparing for potential Ebola cases, even as they seek to reassure patients and health care workers that the risk is very low. Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued infection control recommendations for hospitals to implement in case the Ebola virus were to reach American soil. Two American missionaries who became infected in West Africa were successfully treated and released in Atlanta last week.

Public health officials say with the right isolation and infection control procedures, all hospitals could safely handle an Ebola patient without exposing staff or other patients. Local hospital officials already are accustomed to procedures for preventing the spread of everything from exotic illnesses such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, to more routine viruses like seasonal flu, which kills thousands of Americans every year.

“Ebola is not transmitted through food, through water or through casual contact,” Dr Shruti K Gohil, An epidemiologist who oversees UCI's preparation for the Ebola virus, said. “You have to be exposed specifically to a symptomatic patient. Then you have to be exposed to the person’s blood or body fluids. If you were exposed to those things, then the virus would have to find a way to get under your skin. It’s a lot less infectious and a lot less efficient of a virus than, say, measles.”



Liberia runs out of hospital beds as Ebola cases increase exponentially, overwhelming healthcare system

(NaturalNews) As West Africa's Ebola epidemic continues to worsen, local healthcare systems are being completely overwhelmed. In Liberia, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports, there is not a single bed available for any more patients.

The WHO reports that more than 4,200 cases of Ebola have been confirmed in West Africa, leading to at least 2,296 deaths. Troublingly, 49 percent of all cases and 47 percent of all deaths had occurred within the 21-day period before September 6, indicating that the spread of the disease may be accelerating.



Third of drug trials are ‘unscientific’

A third of published medical trials have come up with a false conclusion—usually one that favours the drug or therapy being reviewed. In other words, there’s no scientific proof that many of the drugs we take are effective or safe.

The best-known example of data ‘misrepresentation’ concerns the antiviral drug, Tamiflu (oseltamivir), which was considered an effective treatment against influenza A and B viruses.  But other researchers who reanalysed the data discovered its effectiveness had been overstated and its side effects downplayed.




Dr Graham Downing notes that he was talking to a student physiotherapist this week, and she told him of an 18 year old boy she was working with this week that was paralysed. She mentioned he was given the Flu Vaccine just prior to the paralysis. His moether swore blind it was the vaccine… and of course the Doctors denied it. IT IS WELL KNOWN IN THE SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE THAT VACCINATION CAN CAUSE THIS AMONGST A HOST OF OTHER LETHAL EFFECTS. What a shame, the flu vaccine doesn't work anyway and a poor boy has to suffer for the ignorance of our medical colleagues.


"... It was not possible to analyse the safety of vaccines from the studies due to the lack of standardisation in the information given, but very little information was found on the safety of inactivated vaccines, the most commonly used vaccine in young children."



Sleeping pills increase Alzheimer’s risk by 50 per cent

Benzodiazepines, the anxiety and sleeping drugs, increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by more than 50 per cent—and the risk gets greater the longer you take them. The first symptoms of the disease begin around five years after starting benzodiazepines, and the effect was greater in those taking daily doses of the drug.

Researchers from the University of Bordeaux said there seems to be a direct cause-and-effect between the drug and the disease, although there is the possibility that people who are displaying early signs of the disease already—such as anxiety attacks or insomnia—might then begin taking the drug.  However, their discovery is in line with earlier studies that also found a connection.



Caffeine makes postmenopausal symptoms worse

Should you drink coffee or tea when you’re going through the menopause?  It all depends: postmenopausal women suffer worse hot flashes and night sweats when they drink caffeine, but women still going through the menopause find their mood, memory and concentration are helped by the drinks.

Understanding the impact of caffeine on the various stages of the menopause should help women manage their symptoms better, say researchers from the Mayo Clinic who made the discovery.

Other recommendations include:

  • Be aware of ‘triggers’ in spicy foods that could make symptoms worse
  • Limit alcohol and tobacco
  • Dress in layers
  • Try cooling materials on the bed at night
  • Try stress management programmes such as meditation, yoga and Tai Chi
  • Maintain a healthy weight



Yahoo Faced Huge Fine over Surveillance Data

The US government threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 (£154,000) a day if it failed to turn over customer data to intelligence agencies - a step the search engine company regarded as unconstitutional. The details emerged after a federal judge ordered the unsealing of some court documents about a legal challenge launched by Yahoo in 2007 against government surveillance. Yahoo lost the court battle, which experts say helped pave the way for the Prism surveillance programme revealed last year by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Centre, said: "It's always been a little bit behind the curtain as to what internet companies do when they actually receive these requests. Now we have evidence that Yahoo did in fact fight this battle and look at considerable fines as a consequence of not disclosing the data. It tells us how very serious the Bush administration was about trying to get the internet firms to turn over this data. Until the disclosure, it was mostly hearsay that they were willing to impose these penalties."

US internet companies are eager to disclose as much as they can about the procedure through which federal agencies request their user data in secret courts, in part because of worries about the impact on their business.



Facebook's Messenger App Is Tracking a Lot More of Your Data Than You Think

It should come as no surprise that most mobile apps run some sort of analytics on user behaviour. But in the case of Facebook, the social network’s Messenger app for iOS apparently tracks quite a bit more than most users likely realize.

iOS forensics and security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski spent Tuesday morning disassembling Facebook Messenger’s iOS binary, at one point declaring via Twitter that “Messenger appears to have more spyware type code in it than I've seen in products intended specifically for enterprise surveillance.”

In an email, Zdziarski said that Messenger is logging practically everything a user might do within the app, from what and where they tap, to how often a device is held in portrait versus landscape orientation; even time spent in the Messenger app, versus the time it spends running in the background. “[Facebook is] using some private APIs I didn’t even know were available inside the sandbox to be able to pull out your WiFi SSID (which could be used to snoop on which WiFi networks you’re connected to) and are even tapping the process list for various information on the device,” he wrote in an email.

Facebook, which had previously declined to comment, reached out with the following response: "These accusations are completely unjustified. Privacy is core to our approach with Messenger, and like any developer, we analyze usage trends to make our apps better, faster, and more efficient. As an example, with regard to what and where people tap - when we noticed that people were using the ‘Like’ stickers a lot, we modified the app so that people could send them with fewer taps.”



NEXT WEEK ON DOOMWATCH – Our guest is Scott Tips, President of the Natural Health Federation, who will bring us up to date on the latesr developments with Codex Alimentarius, the ‘Food Code’ as well as looking forward to his presentation at the “Your Constitution – Your Health” conference on 1 and 2 November 2014. We’ll be booking in to the hotel seven weeks today.  How about you?

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