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26-09-2014 10:16
Doomwatch is the best show around

31-05-2014 09:13
Missed you this week.. Happy Birthday Alex for Sunday. you misunderstood my text last week as I meanth a local broadcast audience. ie Local Bar or suchlike

04-11-2013 00:50
Fantastic first show Alex and great to hear Patrick Henningsen again

03-04-2013 21:37
Good guest this week. When is someone going to knock on the Royals' door???

20-03-2013 21:40
pass the parcel lol

Doomwatch 49 - Post-conference round-up with Brian Gerrish & Mike Robinson

Doomwatch 49 - Post-conference round-up with Brian Gerrish & Mike Robinson

Friday 7th November 2014, 6.00pm - 8.00pm UK on www.ukcolumn.org/live and www.peterborough.fm -

You are invited to join host alex:g and Text Jockey Lexy Manning for the 49th variant of the radio show with pictures, DOOMWATCH.

The usual mix of news stories and expert comment, with our special guests Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson of the UK Column, as we discuss the aftermath of the "Your Constitution - Your Health" conference last weekend, as well as related stories that have come out in the last few days.

Watch in sound and vision LIVE by visiting www.ukcolumn.org/live.



The ISIS effect: First Downton's dog faces the axe, now Belgian chocolatiers are to change their name

  • Box of Belgian chocolates has named changed from Isis to Libeert (Liberty?)
  • In ITV drama ‘Downton Abbey,’ the Earl of Grantham's pet dog is named Isis
  • Fears arose that the labrador might be killed off to appease tweeters
  • Actor Hugh Bonneville denied Isis is being killed off because of terrorist group
  • Downton star said anyone who believes the suggestion is a 'complete berk'
  • Labrador revealed to have cancer in recent episode of fifth series of ITV show
  • Show's dog named after Egyptian goddess long before Middle East militants
  • Follows wave of businesses changing names due to comparisons to group




'Hannibal Lecter killer' who was found eating girl's face in hostel 'was high on coke' before he died in police Tasering

  • Matthew Williams, 34, was allegedly found eating his 22-year-old victim's face
  • Witnesses said hotel staff burst in on Williams eating one of her eyeballs
  • Police called to Sirhowy Arms Hotel in Caerphilly, South Wales, on Thursday
  • Williams was then hit with a Taser while at hotel and became unresponsive
  • He died while under arrest - incident under investigation by police watchdog
  • The woman, who has not been named, was later pronounced dead
  • Williams was released from prison two weeks earlier for attacking partner
  • Hotel was said to be being used by homeless as bed and breakfast



May is accused of holding back 1980s child abuse report

Theresa May has been accused of delaying publication of a report into the Home Office’s failure to act on child abuse claims, as more lawyers turned down the opportunity to lead the inquiry into child sex abuse.

In the middle of last month Peter Wanless, the NSPCC’s chief executive, completed a review into the way the Home Office dealt with an investigation into allegations of child abuse between 1979 and 1999. However, the Home Office is still considering the findings and no date has been set for the report’s release.

“The home secretary also needs to demonstrate complete transparency to restore confidence in the government’s approach,” Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, said. “She must publish the Wanless review, which she has had for several weeks, and provide some answers.” Last night Mr Wanless told The Guardian that he wanted the report to be published as soon as possible.

Ministers have insisted that the work of the child abuse inquiry would continue without a chairman after Fiona Woolf resigned on Friday over a conflict of interest. Lord Carlile of Berriew, the Liberal Democrat and barrister, rejected suggestions that he might take over as chairman of the inquiry, which will examine the way in which decades of allegations of child sex abuse were ignored. His rejection came after Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws and Lady Justice Hallett were “sounded out” but declined.

Lord Carlile said there were two prerequisites — that he or she was not a parliamentarian and that they had expertise in dealing with evidence involving child protection or child abuse. He told Murnaghan on Sky News yesterday: “The politics has to be taken out of this. If the lord chief justice could be persuaded to release a senior judge to do this job I think that would be ideal.” Asked about judges’ status as part of the establishment, he replied: “You would be surprised how independent judges are to politics. There are plenty of people to choose from. They must be asked the right questions to ensure there is not a conflict of interest.”

Theresa May, the home secretary, on Monday apologised to victims of child abuse for her failure to find a chair for the child abuse inquiry. In a statement to MPs, she also announced that survivors and MPs would be consulted about her choice of a new chair, that the inquiry would start work next week anyway and that a liaison group was being set up to help survivors communicate with the panel and government.

She also said the Wanless report into the missing Geoffrey Dickens child abuse dossier presented to the Home Office in the 1980s would be published next week. That was partly because she did not want it to overshadow today’s announcement, she said. But it was also partly because she was ordering a rewrite to make it clearer, she suggested. Ms Cooper said that the most important thing was to rebuild the credibility of the inquiry. She also called on Mrs May to meet survivors of abuse and to establish a survivors’ forum to run alongside it.




Norman Baker resigns as Home Office minister with parting shot at May

Coalition relations hit a new low on Monday night when the Liberal Democrat Norman Baker resigned as a Home Office minister after likening his experience working under Theresa May to “walking through mud”. In a sign of the loveless nature of the coalition in the final six months before the general election, Baker announced his resignation in an interview with the Independent apparently without notifying the home secretary.

Baker announced he had decided to stand down after a row over drugs policy with the home secretary showed there was little support for “rational evidence-based policy” in the Home Office. He had criticised May for sitting for three months on an official report which showed that tougher enforcement of drug laws does not lead to lower levels of drug use.

Baker, who likened his position as a Lib Dem Home Office minister to that of a hippy at an Iron Maiden concert, told the Independent of May and her advisers: “They have looked upon it as a Conservative department in a Conservative government, whereas in my view it’s a coalition department in a coalition government. That mindset has framed things, which means I have had to work very much harder to get things done even where they are what the home secretary agrees with and where it has been helpful for the government and the department. There comes a point when you don’t want to carry on walking through mud and you want to release yourself from that.”



Are Hospitals And Child Protective Services Conspiring To Kidnap Children?

A disturbing pattern is beginning to emerge with children being removed from their parents’ custody over differences in medical opinions. The most famous of these is the Justina Pelletier case, where Boston Children’s Hospital fought for and won state custody of her over a disagreement about a medical diagnosis.

Recently, The Inquisitr brought the news of two pre-teen sisters, Kayla and Hannah Diegel, who are currently being held by Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where they are drastically losing weight under the care of the state. Now, it is coming to light that there are dozens, if not hundreds, more of similar cases where state Child Protective Services agencies, in collusion with medical researchers or certain hospitals, are kidnapping children away from the families who love them for profit and for use as lab rats in medical experiments and research.

In the cases of Justina Pelletier and the two sisters, there are chilling similarities. Each of the children came from loving homes where they were receiving good care by all accounts by those who know the families. There was a change in doctors, a change in diagnoses, and all three children have rare genetic disorders. Coincidentally or not-so-coincidentally, both hospitals are involved in medical research projects involving the rare genetic disorders that the children have. The change in diagnosis for each child coincides with what the researchers wanted to study.










Why did CPS hound my girl to death over a false rape claim? Father's agony after suicide three days before trial

The father of young woman who told police she was raped but killed herself after she was put on trial accused of making up the ordeal says she was hounded to death. Eleanor de Freitas, 23, was charged with perverting the course of justice after the man who allegedly attacked her spent £200,000 on bringing a private prosecution. Police believed the vulnerable A-grade student, who suffered from a psychiatric illness, had told the truth about the rape when she reported it, but decided there was not enough evidence to bring a successful conviction, so closed the case.

But the Crown Prosecution Service put Miss de Freitas, who had bipolar disorder, on trial after the alleged perpetrator spent vast sums of money pursuing the matter.   She was so terrified of giving evidence she took her own life on April 7 this year, three days before the trial was to start at Southwark Crown Court, South East London.   Now her family are urging the coroner at her inquest, due to begin today, to carry out a wider inquiry into whether the CPS breached her human rights by pressing ahead with the court case.

David de Freitas, the victim's father, said: 'Police believed her but decided not to prosecute because of evidence that was inconsistent. They didn't want Eleanor to have to go on trial herself. When the man she alleged raped her took out prosecution against her she was shocked and in dismay. She had been very happy at that time. When she got her prosecution summons it was on the morning of a financial exam and she was in such a state of panic she had to leave during the exam.’

‘Police told her they weren't going to prosecute her but then the CPS said they'd support a private prosecution. We were utterly amazed and flabbergasted that they decided to continue with the prosecution. It put her in a very low place. It was soul-destroying and just ground her down. She masked what she was going through and seemed on the surface to be coping well. If only she had communicated we could have been in a position to support her. But she feared that by telling people what she was going through she would be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.’



300,000 More People In ‘Absolute Poverty’ Than Previously Thought

Research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) found that poorer households have experienced larger increases in living costs than richer households, mainly due to rises in food and energy prices.

IFS say that taking into account “differential inflation” since 2010-11, the number of people recorded as being in absolute poverty would be 300,000 higher in 2013-14 than official figures suggest.

Between 2002-03 and 2013-14 the poorest 20% of households saw prices increase on the typical goods they purchase by 50%, compared to richest 20% who saw prices rise by 43%. According to the IFS, poorer households devote more of their income on things like food and energy, whereas the richest 20% of British society spend more on areas such as motoring and mortgages.

On average, the prices of goods purchased by low-income households have risen more quickly than those more commonly purchased by more affluent households. This is particularly apparent in the ‘wake’ of the 2008 recession, say IFS.



Mom: Daughter paralysed because of flu shot

Tampa, Florida – A Bay area mother spends her day caring for a bedridden daughter who can no longer walk and has very little vocabulary. She blames it on the flu vaccine. "She (used to) love school, she was running, playing signing in the church choir," said Carla Grivna.

In their home in the Town 'N Country area, Grivna says the nightmare started last November when she took her daughter to get her routine flu shot. Four days after getting the vaccine, Marysue fell ill with a rare viral infection of the brain called Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM). How did an otherwise healthy 9-year-old suddenly become so paralyzed that her father has to carry her?

Her family says it was because of the flu shot. "It can be triggered by a virus it high fever or by a vaccination," said Grivna. The disease, which is similar to multiple sclerosis, may appear following vaccination or bacterial infection.

"It can just appear out of the blue or after maybe a surgical procedure, said Dr. Juan Dumois, director of infectious diseases at All Children's Hospital. "It's otherwise unexplainable." He says developing the illness, for which there is no way to predict or prevent, from a flu shot happens. With that said, he does not recommend not taking the flu shot because the disease can be contracted that way as well.



Kenyan Government Releases Obama’s Real Birth Certificate

According to reports, the Office of the Principal Register of the Nyanza Province in Kenya has just released 11 documents concerning Barack Obama’s birth and early childhood in the country. The papers have been requested by  Americans for years, but the Kenyan Supreme Court finally just ordered authorities to release the documents based on a law on “access to information.”

The papers indicate that Obama was actually born in Lamu, Kenya, more than a year before his father moved to Hawaii and met his mother. This information contradicts all the documents presented by the administration over the past few years.

If the documents are deemed verifiable, they could prove that Obama had no legal right to become the American president in the first place. It also means that the American papers we’ve seen are all forged documents.



Psycho lizards from Saturn: The godlike genius of David Icke!

Dorian Lynskey, New Statesman: ‘...the world has become increasingly Icke-friendly. Like the Icke admirer Russell Brand, he appeals to those who have lost faith in politics and the mainstream media and are hungry for counter-narratives. Everything from the financial crisis to rumours of a Westminster paedophile ring wins him new followers.

From what I can see, Icke’s fan base is diverse, friendly and overwhelmingly normal-seeming. “I’m surprised there aren’t more people wearing tie-dyed clothes,” says Rupert, a Londoner who has worked with Icke.

“Everyone looks well dressed and quite well-off. Some people would expect tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorists but they’re not at all,” agrees Paula, a middle-aged woman who discovered Icke two years ago. “I was Labour, very left. Not any more. My eyes opened to a whole different world.”

Icke plays a numbers game, covering so much ground that nobody could agree with all of it but everyone can find something. On the subject of bankers, Gaza or austerity, he uses the language of the left; turning to man-made climate change or “the centralised fascist-communist bureaucratic dictatorship of the EU”, he speaks fluent Ukip.

He appeals to New Age health buffs with attacks on vaccines and the food giant Monsanto; and to conspiracy theorists with hypotheses about 9/11. “People say I see conspiracies everywhere,” he says. “I don’t. I see one conspiracy that takes different forms.”

The latest iteration of Icke’s meta-narrative involves the Archons, an ancient race of reptilian psychopaths who have hijacked our perception of reality in the manner of the film The Matrix. The Archons have blinded humans to the real world, which resembles that in Avatar, and are creating a dystopian society, à la The Hunger Games. This inverted reality is being broadcast from Saturn via the Moon, which is hollow.



Dominique Strauss Khan's Investment Banking Venture Just Went Bust

The former International Monetary Fund boss caught up in a string of scandals, has just seen his one-year old investment banking firm go down the drain.  Last week, Strauss-Kahn's business partner Thierry Leyne fell from a building to his death in Israel in an apparent suicide. Today, The Wall Street Journal reports that Leyne Strauss-Kahn & Partners (LSK Partners) has declared itself insolvent.

From The Journal: ‘The Luxembourg-based firm said in a short statement written in French that after the “tragic death” of Mr. Leyne, the board had discovered “additional commitments within the group of which it was unaware and which aggravate the delicate financial situation.” It added: “Consequently it [the board] has decided to declare insolvency.” The website of LSK Partners now appears to have no detail, with a simple holding page.

Last week the firm was embroiled in another battle with Switzerland's Insch Capital Management, a hedge fund that accused LSK of taking money from its account to purchase equity in another firm, which LSK owned.  Strauss-Kahn's firm was set up barely more than a year ago.



UK Parliament to debate money creation for the first time in 170 years

Positive Money: We’ve made another significant breakthrough: This morning we were told that Parliament will hold a three hour debate on the issue of ‘Money Creation and Society’ on Thursday 20th November. The Money Creation and Society debate is being hosted by Steve Baker (Conservative), Caroline Lucas (Green), Michael Meacher (Labour), Douglas Carswell (UKIP), and David Davis (Conservative).

The backbench debate in the Main Chamber of Parliament creates an opportunity for MPs from all parties to learn about the issue, ask questions and deepen their understanding. As the results of our recent poll show, most MPs lack a sufficient understanding of money creation, leaving them ill-equipped to legislate on important policy.

There are lots of important questions that Parliament should address during the three hours in the Main Chamber, these include:

  • Who should create money?
  • Should high-street banks have the effective right to create money every time they make a loan, given the recent consequences for the economy?
  • How should newly created money be used?
  • Do we want banks to have the power to create money when this leads to unaffordable housing and financial instability?
  • Should we have allowed the Bank of England to create £375bn with little scrutiny from parliament, and use this money to inflate financial markets?
  • Were there better uses of this money?

We only have little time to ensure that Members of Parliament attend the debate – and also understand the basic facts about money!




European help to Ukraine ‘unprecedented’ €11bn - EU representative

The European Union is ready give Ukraine lots of money to help pay its multibillion dollar gas debt to Russia, according to the head of the EU office in Russia Vygaudas Usackas. “The European Union is allocating up to an unprecedented €11 billion in financial aid to Ukraine,” Vygaudas Usackas said in an interview with the Echo Moscow radio station on Wednesday.

“We helped to reach agreements between Russia and Ukraine over a wide range of complex gas issues, and both the EU and IMF will continue to allocate sums needed for paying off the Ukrainian gas debt,” he added.

The EU representative also said that a sovereign and economically independent Ukraine is in the interests of everyone. “I still hope that someday we will agree at a round-table discussion that Ukraine being an independent economic subject is of our common interest,” Usackas said. “So that neither Gazprom, nor the European commission and the IMF had to take care of it.”

Usackas says economic, political and social reforms are essential tools that Ukraine should use in achieving this goal. After months of negotiations Russia and Ukraine reached a gas agreement on October 31, which says Kiev needs to pay $3.1 billion by the year end. On Wednesday Russia’s gas monopoly Gazprom confirmed it had received the first tranche of $1.45 billion from Ukraine’s Naftogaz which settles its gas debt for November and December 2013.

The winter plan worked out in Brussels also means that Ukraine will need to pay in advance for the gas it’s going to use. This means that on top of the debt repayment, Ukraine will have to pay $1.5 billion in advance for 4 billion cubic meters it’s going to buy from Russia this winter.



Top British companies using Luxembourg tax avoidance scheme 'like a magical fairyland' to save billions

  • Papers show firms used internal loans and interest payments to cut tax bills
  • Leaked tax documents show arrangements were signed off by EU state
  • They are legal, but are predicted to trigger calls to stop firms avoiding taxes
  • British companies using scheme include Dyson and drugs group Shire



Millions of motorists face being fined as Dartford toll road axes booths and forces drivers to pay online

  • Dartford crossing over M25 will have a 'free flow' system without barriers
  • Drivers will be fined £105 if they fail to pay £2.50 fee online or over phone
  • Electronic system is similar to that used for the London Congestion Charge
  • One in 14 vehicles using the crossing are expected not to pay, experts say



Scientists Develop Alternative to Antibiotics

The drug, called Staphefekt, is based on a naturally-occurring enzyme that side-steps the defence mechanisms that superbugs have evolved to fight off traditional antibiotics.

It is already available in Holland and Germany as a cream to treat skin infections such as acne, but researchers hope to develop a tablet form of the drug within five years to treat serious infections.

Mark Offerhaus, chief executive of Dutch firm Micreos, told Sky News that bacteria are unlikely to evolve resistance to the treatment. "(It) will drill holes in the bacterial cell wall from the outside," he said. "This goes really fast, in a matter of seconds. There is no time to develop resistance. This is a really important day in the history of antimicrobial treatment."

Overuse of antibiotics has led to a growing problem of drug resistance. Around 5,000 patients a year die from once treatable infections and Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that the rise of superbugs could take medicine "back to the dark ages". Staphefekt uses an enzyme called endolysin, which is found in viruses that attack bacteria. Studies on small numbers of patients have confirmed it can eradicate Staphylococcus Aureus - the species of bacteria that includes MRSA. 


Dr Graham Downing comments:  “These have only been used topically (applied to the body’s surface, and have not been developed yet. Our community has been using enzymes for years, but at least Big Pharma is on the right track - but they could simply speak to us and save themselves a lot of time!” Other solutions include:

Vitamin B3 - http://dermatologytimes.modernmedicine.com/dermatology-times/content/vitamin-b3-fights-protects-against-mrsa

Advanced Cellular Silver - http://www.resultsrna.com/products/acs_200_overview/

Hyper-oxygenation - http://vitamincfoundation.org/oxygen.htm


Antibiotic Guardian Twitter chat

Tuesday 11 November, 2.30-3.30pm - As part of the Antibiotic Guardian campaign, Public Health England and NHS England are hosting a Twitter chat. We hope this chat will raise awareness of the growing problem of antibiotic resistance as well as providing an opportunity to listen to the views of health professionals, or members of the public, who take part.

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats facing our professions – we are set to lose some of our most precious medicines. Treatments from the most routine minor surgery to transplants and chemotherapy could become increasingly dangerous and we will enter a new era of healthcare and public health. From patients to policy makers, prescribers and health professionals in all fields, we have to act now.

Please join us to discuss:

  • Do you see tackling antibiotic resistance as your responsibility? If not, who should be taking action?
  • What are you doing to preserve our antibiotics?
  • Do you have enough knowledge/training to make a difference?
  • Are you willing to join the community of professionals who are pledging to become Antibiotic Guardians?

Ask questions, share your knowledge, network or just watch the discussion using the #AntibioticGuardian hashtag. During the chat we’ll flag important resources that can help you become an antibiotic guardian.


Dr Graham Downing comments: “We welcome this all, but it is a belated attempt (20 years behind) to solve antibiotic failure. They will have to change their philosophy first to solve the problem. A holistic approach is the only long term solution. It's like asking drunk drivers to solve the teenage drinking problem. We haven't received one request to contribute to the debate... not one! And yet, we are the only doctors that treat infection without pharmaceuticals.”


Cadbury announce they will no longer produce their gold-wrapped chocolate coins... two months before Christmas

It is the moment many young children dream about - waking up on Christmas morning to find a bulging stocking full of treats hanging on their bedpost.

But this year some youngsters may find one traditional bag of goodies missing, as Cadbury has announced they will no longer be making their beloved sacks of chocolate coins.

The company dropped the bombshell on Twitter today, replying to a consumer enquiry with: 'Chocolate coins have been discontinued however we have lots of other chocolatey treats to try'.



NEXT ON DOOMWATCH: 14 November: Sally Pinnegar of Fit Naturally, 21 November – Saturday ‘Your Constitution’ radio version. 28 November – Sunday ‘Your Health’ radio version.

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