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26-09-2014 10:16
Doomwatch is the best show around

31-05-2014 09:13
Missed you this week.. Happy Birthday Alex for Sunday. you misunderstood my text last week as I meanth a local broadcast audience. ie Local Bar or suchlike

04-11-2013 00:50
Fantastic first show Alex and great to hear Patrick Henningsen again

03-04-2013 21:37
Good guest this week. When is someone going to knock on the Royals' door???

20-03-2013 21:40
pass the parcel lol

Doomwatch 54 - Patrick Henningsen - Final Season 1 Studio Edition

Doomwatch 54 - Patrick Henningsen - Final Season 1 Studio Edition

Friday 12th December 2014, 6.00pm - 8.00pm UK on www.ukcolumn.org/live and www.peterborough.fm


You are invited to join host alex:g and Text Jockey Lexy Manning for the 54th variant of the radio show with pictures, DOOMWATCH. Our special guest this week is Patrick Henningsen, journalist for 21st Century Wire, as we look at different perspectives on the week's news headlines.


This was the last edition of Season 1 from the Peterborough FM studios, with the next three editions all having been Outside Broadcasts.



We need to know what they’re saying in Russia today

Peter Preston: Ofcom, where our very British regulator – exalting “due impartiality, in particular when reporting on matters of major political controversy” – is hauling Russia Today over the coals, threatening sanctions, because of its Ukraine reporting.


But where’s understanding of the Putin view, beamed across Russia to Russians, if we deem it too partial to bother the scorers here? Why let a global assortment of news channels on air, then seek to homogenise them? You may think the RT coverage deeply flawed. I do. But I want to see Ukraine through Russian, as well as through UK, eyes.





The difference between real journalism and Russia Today


Unlike rival broadcasters, Russia Today — or RT as it has rebranded itself since 2009 — has a growing -budget; President Putin himself is said to have intervened to protect it against cuts. The network now claims a worldwide audience of 700 million, a figure the old Voice of Russia could only dream about. It is widely present in social media, having 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube, for instance. And it has achieved a largish cult following on the fringes of the left and the right in the West. Its audience seems to believe in RT’s marketing message — that the network covers the stories which the mainstream media ignores, such as Occupy Wall Street or WikiLeaks scandals.


But there are, of course, stories that Russia Today is not keen on covering — such as the reality of Russia today. Take this week’s economic crisis, which Anne Applebaum writes about: the plunging rouble, the forecast of a recession, the accelerating exodus of capital as investors head for the hills. The story was the fourth item on RT’s business page — under the heading of ‘Business Snaps’. The main news page, however, led on the vote by the French parliament to recognise a Palestinian state. The Russian politics page had only one financial story — a reassurance from President Putin that Russia won’t demand an early debt repayment from Ukraine because it doesn’t want to cause Kiev difficulties. And that was that. In short, something like Miss Prism’s instructions had gone out as editorial guidance: ‘The fall of the rouble you may omit or at least downplay. It is somewhat too sensational for a young network.’


Not that financial stories were avoided entirely. The UK page opened with a long story headlined ‘Anti-Austerity Protesters Besiege Downing Street Over “Disastrous” Economic Policies’. But this was less a report than an advert, written in advance, for the ‘People’s Assembly… a self-declared non-political campaign group… which rejects reactionary rhetoric peddled by austerity advocates etc., etc.’ This was vigorous stuff, accompanied by lively illustrations and helpful links, but it suffered from a familiar confused logic, arguing that the Tories had plunged Britain into a penal austerity by indulging in massive overspending and rising debt.


Still on finance, there was a link to a video of RT’s star financial columnist-anchor in London, Max Keiser, who held a freewheeling debate with his co-anchor on the not-very-burning question of whether the UK is about to lose its treasured position as a haven of political and economic security for investors (short answer: yes), interleaved with weird giggly speculation about what drugs George Osborne was on.


Keiser is a fun anarchist provocateur with a background in finance and media who mixes financial analysis with aggressive hell-za-poppin’ humour. His views on Russia’s currency troubles — a major financial story of the day — would have been original and, just maybe, enlightening. He doesn’t shrink from denouncing bankers as terrorists. But he didn’t deal with the topic.





Queen Elizabeth Battling With Alzheimer’s Disease, Monarch Can’t Remember Prince William & Kate Middleton Wedding

Latest reports revealed that the 88-year-old monarch was found wandering in the palace garden and can't remember Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.  "Dying Queen Elizabeth is battling a shocking new health crisis the palace is trying desperately to hide, insiders reveal in a world exclusive," according to GLOBE magazine's Oct. 20th issue.


"The 88 year old Monarch is tragically showing the early stages of mind-robbing Alzheimer's disease as she wanders the Palace garden lost and confused, can't remember Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, and thinks Charles is her husband, Phillip."


Now in high-alert, the palace staff are keeping an eye for the ailing Queen and keeping everything under wraps about her rumoured mental problem.  With 800,000 people living with Dementia in UK, the monarch's illness is more than just a slip of memory if she can't even remember her own son. Not just a memory loss, the illness also damages language skills and it can get worse over time, according to Daily Mail.


After 62 years on the throne, the Queen is gradually transferring some of her monarch duties to Prince Charles as he takes more head of state-style of responsibilities before taking the throne. But it's not just the 65-year-old prince who will be taking more responsibility, Prince William and Prince Harry will be assuming roles since relinquishing their military roles.


Like passing the throne to the next generation, Queen Elizabeth's gentle succession is to prepare Charles to be the future King of England. Both William and Harry are also helping out with the royal duties, and more visible in public appearances as part of the monarchy in transition.


Based on the Mirror's report, she would no longer take long-haul flights for diplomatic missions but will not totally give up some major royal engagements even if it involves a little bit of travelling.


So it's no surprise when Kate Middleton was tasked to represent her in Malta's 50th celebration of its independence. But due to her extreme morning sickness she have to cancel her trip and let Prince William attend the celebration.





War by media and the triumph of propaganda

John Pilger: Why has so much journalism succumbed to propaganda? Why are censorship and distortion standard practice? Why is the BBC so often a mouthpiece of rapacious power? Why do the New York Times and the Washington Post deceive their readers?


Why are young journalists not taught to understand media agendas and to challenge the high claims and low purpose of fake objectivity? And why are they not taught that the essence of so much of what's called the mainstream media is not information, but power?


These are urgent questions. The world is facing the prospect of major war, perhaps nuclear war - with the United States clearly determined to isolate and provoke Russia and eventually China. This truth is being turned upside down and inside out by journalists, including those who promoted the lies that led to the bloodbath in Iraq in 2003.


The times we live in are so dangerous and so distorted in public perception that propaganda is no longer, as Edward Bernays called it, an "invisible government". It is the government. It rules directly without fear of contradiction and its principal aim is the conquest of us: our sense of the world, our ability to separate truth from lies. The information age is actually a media age. We have war by media; censorship by media; demonology by media; retribution by media; diversion by media - a surreal assembly line of obedient clichés and false assumptions.





Now a pizza could count as one of your five-a-day: Quango could relax healthy eating rules and endorse ready meals


  • Public Health England considering extending government's 5 a day logo
  • At present, logo launched in 2003 is limited to plain fruit and vegetables
  • But could soon include foods which have at least one portion of fruit or veg
  • This would mean ham and pineapple pizza and ready meals would qualify





Middle East on the brink again: Palestinian minister dies after being tear gassed and hit in the chest with a rifle butt by an Israeli soldier at West Bank protest

  • Ziad Abu Ain died shortly after the incident near the village of Turmus Aya
  • He collapsed clutching his chest after he was struck
  • Abu Ain was protesting against land confiscations when clashes erupted
  • Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas called the attack barbaric





Autopsy reveals Palestinian minister was murdered

The death Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ein was the result of beating, teargas-induced asphyxiation and obstruction by the Israeli army to transfer him to a hospital on time, a Palestinian official said, citing official forensic results.


Palestinian Civil Affairs Minister Hassan Al-Sheikh, detailing the forensic results to the official Palestinian radio station today, asserted that the findings show that Abu Ein, who was fatally injured yesterday during an Israeli clampdown on a Palestinian protest against settlements and the Separation Wall near Ramallah, had been "murdered".





Police WON'T need judges' OK to snoop on reporters: Home Office embroiled in fresh Press freedom row after sneaking out plans

  • Ministers promised safeguards for secret sources and whistleblowers
  • But Theresa May's proposals make clear police snooping can continue
  • Normally police are required to argue applications before a judge
  • But Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act lets them bypass scrutiny
  • Tory MP David Davis: 'This is inappropriate - it could put whistleblowers at risk'





Westfield 'die-in' protest: 76 arrested for Eric Garner demonstration at London shopping centre

An estimated 600 people attended two peaceful protests held at a Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush, west London - one inside the centre and one outside. It is understood those inside were asked to make their way outside and no arrests were made at that time.


Later some protesters, who police said broke away from the main group and attempted to get inside the centre, were arrested on suspicion of public order offences, with one man further arrested on suspicion of assault.


The Evening Standard reports that some shops were forced to shut their doors as demonstrators lying on the floor as if dead chanted “I can’t breathe!”


The Metropolitan Police said they dealt with the protesters using tactics "including a containment for the purpose of preventing violence and effecting arrests".





Google shuts down its news feed in Spain after new law forces it to pay publishers for using snippets of their content 

The Internet advertising giant said the new law makes Google News unsustainable and that 'with real sadness' it would remove Spanish publishers from the service on December 16. 'The new law requires publishers to charge Google News for showing even the smallest snippets of their content - whether they want to charge or not,' the company said.


Google News shows no advertising and makes no revenue from the service, it noted. Publishers in countries from Germany and France to Spain have pushed to pass new national copyright laws that force Google and other web aggregators to pay licensing fees when they publish snippets of news articles. These laws require publishers who want their content to continue to show up in Google search results to give the company explicit permission to do so.


Google has responded by requiring publishers to release it from any liability for licensing fees under such laws. The Spanish law thwarts this move by Google by giving publishers an 'inalienable' right to levy such licensing fees. It is set to go into effect in January. Spain's AEDE group of news publishers lobbied for the law, nicknamed the 'Google Tax'. It did not specify how much publishers would have to be paid by Google.





Spain parliament passes bill restricting protests

The Public Security Law, which was passed in a 181-141 vote on Thursday, limits protests to authorized rallies only. The law also makes all unauthorized gatherings punishable by fines of up to 600,000 Euros.

The measure has been fiercely criticized by opposition politicians and activist groups. Several lawmakers tied up their mouths in protest as the bill was debated in the parliament.


Opponents say the legislation violates the right to protest, limits freedom of expression and gives more power to police. Spain has been hit by a wave of demonstrations and strikes over the past months against the government's austerity measures. Grappling with deep economic recession, Spain has adopted harsh austerity measures as part of attempts to deal with the dire situation. The country has been witnessing daily protests in recent years since the country’s economy collapsed into recession in the second half of 2008, taking millions of jobs with it.





Microchip implants in humans grow in popularity

Some 50 people in the Netherlands have had a microchip implanted in their hands this year, piercing specialist Tom van Oudenaarden told broadcaster Nos on Tuesday. Worldwide some 2,000 people have been ‘chipped’ and their number is growing. Oudennarden expects their number to grow considerably next year, particularly among what he calls ‘technerds’.


Martijn Wismeijer, who has had two chips in his hand for a couple of weeks, says the pain was over after a couple of days. ‘You can still feel them, but you forget they are there,’ he said. He uses one chip as a savings account for bitcoins – which he says is the safest way to keep them. The chip on his other hand stores the passwords for 900 websites. ‘Many people use the same password for everything but I think that is a bad habit,’ he says.


People who have been chipped can unlock or lock their phones or make payments simply by scanning their hand. However, VU University researcher Melanie Rieback says the chips are easy to hack and are difficult to secure. ‘The chips are cheap and don’t have much power so you use difficult encryption,’ she told Nos.





Wireless technology causes brain damage

(NaturalNews):  In April 2014, the BioInitiative Working Group -- consisting of 29 experts from 10 countries, 10 holding medical degrees, 21 PhDs, and three MsCs, MAs or MPHs -- said there is growing evidence that wireless technology causes brain damage, tumors and a host of chronic health conditions.


Based on a review of the science released in 2012 and 2013, Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, at Orebro University, Sweden, said, "There is a consistent pattern of increased risk for glioma (a malignant brain tumour) and acoustic neuroma with use of mobile and cordless phones."


Three simple ways to reduce your exposure to wireless radiation are as follows:


1. While talking on a mobile phone, keep the phone away from your body. As often as possible, use the speaker-phone mode or a wired headset (not Bluetooth).


2. Minimise your exposure. Make every effort to cut down your minutes on a mobile phone and use a wired telephone -- especially for longer conversations. To reduce your mobile phone exposure, communicate by text message instead of making the call.


3. Turn off your cell phone. Especially at night, try keeping the phone off and away from your head as often as possible.


In addition, wireless baby monitors, laptops and "smart" meters will greatly increase your exposure to microwave radiation.





CIA Spent $40 million, Hacked Senate Computers to Suppress Torture Report

Struggling to control the CIA’s crumbling torture narrative, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, attempted to derail US Senator Diane Feinstein on 9 December live on CNN, by interrupting the Senator repeatedly, insinuating that the report was wrong, almost acting as an apologist for Washington’s 13 year-long torture boondoggle. What followed in their exchange is some of the most explosive revelations yet.


Feinstein went on to drop the biggest bombshell yet, stating, “The CIA spent $40 million dollars to prevent us from issuing this report. That is fact. We did not spend the money, we used our staff to do this report.” She then accused the CIA of foul play, explaining, “They went into our computers, literally, to take out information, not once, not twice, but three times. I believe that this is a separation of powers violation”.


“This to me shows that the CIA pulled out all the stops to prevent this from coming out.” Blitzer dutifully continued pumping up CIA chief John Brennan, whom Blitzer proudly referred to as, “a man I know”, citing Brennan’s highly dubiously claim that torture, “continues to inform our counter-terrorism efforts to this day”.


Feinstein flatly rebuffed the Brennan statement. “An an examination of these records going back to the beginning of the program, indicates that this is simply not true”.


Feinstein also went on to describe how ‘tapes were burned’, and challenged anyone who disagrees with the report’s findings to go and actually examine the evidence inside it.


Blitzer went on with the usual media strawman tactic, asking the Senator, “Are you saying he’s lying?” Blitzer pressed forward with the fairly fictional claim that somehow, intelligence gleaned from torture helped to capture and kill Osama bin Laden, in Abbotabad, Pakistan in 2011. Currently, the CIA is currently hanging their whole “intelligence mosaic”, as well as the justification for its torture policy, on an alleged ‘courier’ for bin Laden.


In a true ‘Wag the Dog’ moment, in the absence of any real evidence (no photos, or videos released) of the Abbottabad raid, CNN opted for the next best thing as their historical record – a Hollywood film. With an official-sounding voice over running alongside a clip from the fictional film Zero Dark Thirty, this unbelievable line was delivered: “This interrogation depicted in the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ is believed to be that of Ammar al-Baluchi a dentainee who the  CIA says, told them that al Kuwaiti was bin Laden’s courier”.





Big Pharma Gets ‘Legal Immunity’ From Future Lawsuits Over New Ebola Vaccine

During the last 6 months, the United States suffered one of the all-time great pandemic hoaxes with Ebola pandemic that wasn’t. For weeks on end, Americans were pelted with one sensational official announcement after another, like, “Authorities are actively monitoring 357 people in New York” (and of course, nothing came of it), followed by endless speculative and shameless tabloid-style online media fear-mongering ‘news’.


The heightened public fear driven mostly by by media, came just ahead of the Big Pharma’s annual ‘Flu Season‘ vaccine marketing campaign, which made for the perfect ‘PR’ (‘Panic Relations’) cushion needed by the Vaccine Troika: pharmaceutical manufacturers, the CDC and the World Health Organization – in order to develop, quickly certify, market, and distribute their new line of Ebola vaccine product.


In a highly illegal manoeuvre, bureaucrats in Washington has already promised drug giants ‘liability protection’ against any lawsuits certain to come from people getting ill, or even dying – from a fast-tracked Ebola vaccine. This level of ‘immunity’ is what billions of dollars per year in lobby funds to Washington buys you. According to data from OpenSecrets.org, in 2013 alone, Washington DC coffers received contributions (legalised pay-offs) from Pharmaceuticals/Health Product makers totalling $228,219,456 million, with a total number of Clients reported of 367, from a total number of Lobbyists reported at 1,450.


It’s still unknown whether or not the unusual move by Health and Human Services (HHS) will mean the victims in Africa, one of the biggest target markets for Big Pharma, will also be frozen out of any legal action for illness or death against vaccine giants.


Any new vaccine will be expected to be laced with the usual poisonous ingredients and immune challenging hazardous compounds like – live viral strains and pathogens, heavy metals, mercury, formaldehyde, Thiomersal - to name a few.







Doomwatch housekeeping

News on Doomwatch Day, over the weekend of 6, 7 and 8 November 2015. First guests for the Saturday show were announced here last week as Andy Thomas and Thomas Sheridan. And now, we can announce that Patrick Henningsen will be joining us. Book early to help us expand the scope of these conventions. The Sunday marks the return, for one day and one night only, of the Cult TV Festival – and in the evening the 22nd Annual International Cult TV Awards ceremony, voted for by you, and done in our usual irreverent style. Find out more at www.doomwatch.biz


News on the DVDs from the Your Health – Seven Keys To Survival in a Post-Apocalyptic World. It’s now available and shipping! We’re making this a best-value package by putting two presentations on each DVD in a four disc set. In total you get 492 minutes to savour, that’s over eight hours in total. All for £24.95 – and free postage for a limited time for UK orders. Order NOW and you’ll get them in time for Christmas – what a great present for the friends and family you care about. Order now via www.doomwatch.biz


As announced last week, the big news tonight is that Doomwatch will be changing in the New Year.  We’re not really a radio show anymore. So we want the images you see to be part of the Doomwatch experience, rather than an add-on. Which means that tonight’s show will be the last one carried on Peterborough FM.


However, we are already planning the new vision-led reformatting of Doomwatch, and expect to be broadcasting live from a new home by the end of January. Our thanks to the staff and volunteers at Peterborough FM who have put up with us for the last year, and for the year before that as Red Alert Radio.


Next week, all being well we will be live at the UK Column Christmas Party at The George in Plympton near Plymouth from 8pm on Wednesday 17 December. The show will also be repeated in our usual Friday 6pm slot on www.ukcolumn.org/live

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